There is nothing better than spending a few hours at the water park. Water parks have become quite popular over the years and are typically enjoyed by both adults and children. In terms of safety, going to the water park is no different than going to the lake or pool. Sure, there are lifeguards at water parks, but there are safety precautions that you need to take, as well. If you are looking for a great water park to go to, check out places like Six Flags. Here are three safety tips to keep in mind:

1. Wear Life Vests

Even if you are a good swimmer, it doesn't hurt to wear a life vest at the water park. People that should absolutely be wearing life vests at the water park include non-swimmers, weak swimmers and children that are under 4 feet tall. One common mistake that people make is thinking that all life vests are equal. When you are purchasing a life vest, you want to look for one that has been approved by the Coast Guard. Most water parks will have life vests that you can wear, but it doesn't hurt to bring your own because you know that your life vest will fit you properly.

2. Follow Rules and Instructions

When you enter a water park, you will probably see a list of rules posted at the entry. The rules may seem like they are trying to prevent you from having fun, but they are not. Water park rules are there for your safety. Make sure that you listen to the instructions that are given to you by lifeguards at the water park, as well. A reputable water park will have multiple lifeguards at every ride and the lifeguard will tell you how to safely enjoy the ride. As with water park rules, lifeguards are there for the sole purpose of protecting you. You can still have loads of fun at the water park if you obey the water park rules and listen to the lifeguards.

3. Wear Sunscreen and Drink Fluids

Unless you are going to an indoor water park, you should be wearing a waterproof sunscreen when you are at the water park. A single application of sunscreen is not going to protect you all day long, so be sure to reapply sunscreen every couple of hours. To ensure that you are properly protecting your skin from the sun, go with a sunscreen that has an SPF rating of at least 15. You should also make sure that you drink plenty of fluids when you are at the water park. Of course, you will be playing in the water, but you will work up a sweat from having fun and you need to replenish your fluids. As a general rule, you want to drink water only and you should avoid drinks that have caffeine or sweeteners in them.