The beauty of this monitor arm is the price and the ease of installation. Compared to other monitor arms that cost at least 100 to a 150 dollars something like this is a god send for someone on a budget or just doesn't want to spend a whole lot of money on a monitor arm. It comes with plenty of hardware and basically just clamps on to the edge of your desk. The construction is solid and sturdy once you get it installed.


The one thing I did not like about this monitor arm is that depending on the type of desk you have it might not fit as snug as it looks in the picture. I've found that if you just use a wooden block you can make it fit to almost any desk securely and snug.

Full Review

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I run dual monitors on my iMac at home and wanted to put my extra monitor on a monitor arm so that I could rotate my second monitor vertically when I was reading a lengthy PDF or a technical forum. After a few hours of searching on the internet and getting a good idea of how much monitor arms go for I decided to take the plunge and buy this 3 Way Adjustable Tilting Desk Mount Bracket through Amazon. I figured for 40 bucks if it didn't work I was only out 40 dollars instead of a 100 -150 bucks, which seem like the going rate for monitor arms.

When I got it in the mail I immediately mounted it to my desk and was up and running within 15 minutes. I have to say for something so cheap I was expecting crap, but to my surprise this product works pretty well considering you can buy some outrageously expensive monitor arms out there. I'm glad I bought it and if you are in the market for buying one to, I would suggest getting something cheap like this monitor arm first and then working your way up to the more expensive ones if you decide to upgrade. It's well worth the investment.

In Closing

Overall not a bad product I had to make some minor tweaks to the clamp that holds the monitor arm to the desk but with some elbow grease and a little determination I was able to get it exactly the way I want it.