SlideShare is a social media sharing site with a presentation-based platform. It allows companies to exchange ideas and information through visuals and text slides without any audio input. Although it has been gaining a decent following, compared to other social media sites, it is under-utilized. However, there are three effective ways in which your business can use this social media site to improve your performance and brand awareness in your industry:

1. Business to Business Presentations

One of the most useful aspects of SlideShare is the ability for businesses to present information, new ideas, and reports to other business partners or prospective clients. In doing so, they open up a window of discussion and communication between companies that educates, informs, and can possibly persuade others to join your business community. As a bonus, by sharing this information on a more accessible site, companies can view the information easily from anywhere!

If that isn’t enough to convince you to try it, you should know you can also use the LeadShare feature to generate leads and Zipcast to hold meetings with clients. If you are looking for a great way to grow your business and educate other companies on your products or services, SlideShare is for you!

2. Employee Training

SlideShare doesn't only work for engagement between companies, it can also be used as a great tool for employee training. Since you have the option to share presentations publicly or privately, this social media site makes it easy and safe to post training slideshows (and videos, webinars, documents, and PDFs) for your new and ever-learning employees.

Do you have employees who work at home? You might consider using SlideShare to communicate with out-of-office staff on new procedures, company updates, or additional training.

Are you an entrepreneur with a few friends as co-workers? Use SlideShare to make sure all of you are on the same page to ensure you create an effective business, while keeping every member accountable.

3. Customer Knowledge

If you thought SlideShare was just for B2B and employees, think again! You can use SlideShare for content marketing to get your brand’s message out there and help customers make up their minds about your product and services. Some companies even offer documents with information on discounts and other offers available!

SlideShare is also a great place to tell your story to your prospective customers and to discuss any future developments they can look forward to in your products or services. Use this social media site as a professional engagement tool to get them excited and interested in what you have to offer.

Are you using SlideShare yet? How is it working for your business?