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Reasons We Love Our Smartphones

I'm a smartphone owner myself and one of the reasons I love mine so much is because it allows me to find answers to any random question as soon as I think of it. My smartphone also allows me to check important emails, stay in contact with family and friends via text, phone calls and even social media sites.

It makes sense that these gadgets have become such a huge universal addiction. With all of the positive features these pieces of technology have to offer, it's hard to think that something that gives us a major convenience can actually be a bad thing.


You're Forgetting What's Important

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With the internet distracting you with ads about video games and the latest movies, it's hard to stay focused. This is especially the case for most college students or people who have the flexibility of working from home.

We decide to look something up while we're taking a break from work or studying and then we get caught up in your best friend's new facebook status or that hot guy (or girl) who just sent you a message via the singles mobile app.

Instead of taking a 15 minute break, we end up taking a two hour break and then it's Friday and you have to pull an all nighter to meet that deadline. Smartphones can be dangerous if you're trying to avoid being an employee or student who slacks in performance, especially if you already have the tendency to be late for things.

Over time, people become attached to their smartphone and wherever and whenever people become bored or have an idle mind, they can be so excited about looking something up on their phone screen and completely forget about studying for that final exam they have coming up in the next two days. 

I guess you forgot to study for it.

Your Math Skills Are Fading

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Remember what you used to do when you couldn't figure out an answer to a math problem? Maybe not. I remember! I used to pull out a pen and paper and figure it out using my brain. Even though I've managed to remember what I used to do pre-smartphone era, I have failed to continue to use these math skills that I've been familiar with since I was a kid.

I'm sure most of you have been sitting on the same bus as I have. I now just pull up the calculator app on my smartphone and punch in the numbers for my answer. It's faster, less stressful and takes up much less space since there's no need to have a bunch of scratch paper and a pencil to write everything out.

Even though using your smartphone to figure out a simple addition problem is easier, it's important to realize why you needed to pull out the calculator app to figure out something you could once do without even having to count on your fingers. 

The brain is a muscle. The reason we're becoming so dependant on our phones for math problems we once found simple is because that muscle is no longer strong. It's not doing any work!

Your Smartphone Could Cause An Accident

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So many drivers get caught in rush hour traffic. I'm willing to bet if you take a look around you, you'll notice almost every single driver is pulling out his or her smartphone while they wait. 

I'm normally one who would say this wouldn't be a big deal since you're not moving, but what happens when you're texting with someone and the line moves and you're just sitting their staring at your phone screen laughing at a funny line someone sent you or you're busy swiping a witty message in response? The drivers behind you are going to get furious and start blowing their horns and in an instant you punch the gas so they'll shut up and fail to realize the line moved less than you thought. 

Now you've hit someone's vehicle and it's going to delay traffic even more.

Don't think you're exempt if you're crossing the street while texting. Just because you aren't driving doesn't mean you can't be hit by a car. I've seen it hundreds of times. The light is telling those on the sidewalk to wait, yet someone walks out in the middle of the street just as the light for drivers turns green.

Why does this happen? Apparently the pedestrian was in a heated arguement with someone at the other end of their smartphone and they weren't focusing on the crosswalk light. These things happen, but it shouldn't be happening so much.

Moderation Is Key

There's nothing wrong with loving your smartphone, but when your smartphone starts killing your brain cells and causing you to make bad decisions in life like putting off that big project for work or texting while driving, you're probably endulging in the wonderful world of technology a little too much.

Moderation is key. Use your calculator app only when you're in a hurry to get an answer or it's a large, complex formula. For simple multiplication and addition problems like 2+2, you shouldn't have to count on your fingers, especially if you never did it before owning a smartphone.