If you have been injured in an accident in California, you may need a Los Angeles personal injury defender to take up your cause against the insurance provider of the liable party.

This includes different accidents such as:

  • Traffic accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Defective product accidents
  • Workplace accidents

Now why would you need a lawyer to defend your cause against insurance companies?

The answer is that many insurance companies have a habit of finding ways to deny your claim or at least pay you a smaller amount than you deserved.

You may ask why they would do that when it is their duty to take care of expenses from accidents caused by their clients.

Well, to put it in simple terms, they are a private company and their primary goal is still making profit.

The less money they pay out, the more money they earn.

Besides, they would not deny your claim without cause as that would be considered as an act in bad faith.

However, they can interpret the terms of your policy in their advantage and you, being not as familiar with your own policy, can be taken advantage of.

Now, you may ask, how can an LA personal injury lawyer defend your rights to make a proper insurance claim?

Well, here are some ways:

Knowledge of the law

Each type of accident is subject to several state and/or federal laws.

For example, in most personal injury cases, negligence is the tort that is used to determine liability.

But in defective product accidents, the tort that is commonly used is strict liability.

With this knowledge, your lawyer can advise you on what you can and can't say when communicating with insurance adjusters.

This way you avoid making statements that can be used against your personal injury claim.

Familiarity with insurance companies

Experienced and highly successful personal injury lawyers have gone against multiple insurance companies and have come out successful majority of the time.

Because of this experience in dealing with insurance companies, lawyers are able to determine which legal moves would result in a great settlement or a win in lawsuit (if needed), and what will not.

Computation of damages

One of the main reasons why insurance companies are confident to lowball a claimant is because the claimant himself do not know how much compensation he deserves.

However, that should no longer be a problem with your personal injury defender around.

Your lawyer should be able to compute the total damages (economic and non-economic) you incurred and subtract the possible percentage that will represent your comparative negligence.

Through this, you can now set a target amount and it will be easier to decide when it is beneficial to agree with a settlement offer.