Search engine marketing and two other ways to boost traffic to your website.Credit: Image courtesy of Education Books.Credit: Image courtesy of Education Books.

One of the biggest complaints small business owners and entrepreneurs have is not getting the amount of traffic or the right visitors to their business website. The primary focus should be ob the latter—getting the right visitors--rather than the number of visitors that are landing on your site each day, month or year. For those that do not have high conversion rates (the quantity of visitors that become customers compared to the amount of the total visitors to the site), there are three proactive steps you can take now to increase both the quantity and quality of your sire visitors. 

Give them What They Seek

You have to start by providing content, information, products and services on your site that draw visitors. Part of this process is using “keywords” or “search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. The bottom line is that you want your visitors to search online and find your website because it provides the information they are looking for or the answers they seek.

When you match the wording on your website, in your blog posts and other content on your website, this links up with the search engines. The search engines then connect visitors looking for what you offer with your site. In the end, search engine optimization comes down to thinking like one of your customers and then creating content and using wording they relate to and that is relevant to them.

Get the Word Out

The second major factor in attracting more and higher quality visitors to your website is getting the word out. Building a website and using keywords is not enough to create a flood of traffic. You have to do the work that puts your website address in front of the right people—those that are most likely to have an interest in it and buy from you. This requires you to be where large groups of your ideal clients are lurking. This might require you to run an ad in a trade publication or a Google AdWords campaign. It may also involve some low- and no-cost marketing options such as submitting SEO press releases online and networking with local associations that are full of your potential customers.

Share Information

When you position yourself as a resource to your clients, they will keep coming back for more. The best way to do this is to freely share your knowledge with fresh content, articles, blog posts and more. In addition to fresh and relevant content attracting visitors to your site, it also engages them enough to stay on your site longer. Search engines also love fresh content, so this process also helps to boost your search engine rankings.

Use one or more of these three steps to start boosting your website traffic. Additionally, it helps to boost the quality of your visitors. These are steps you can take right away so that you start seeing an increase in traffic sooner rather than later.