Don't Give Up On Your New Year's Resolutions That Easy!

The first quarter of 2012 has flown by! Remember those resolutions you created back in January - how are they holding up? If you're like most people, you likely haven't done as much as you'd like... but there is hope!

What can you do to get back on the right path? The easiest way is to BRAND YOURSELF! Branding positions you as an industry authority and partner in the eyes of the client. When you are THE authority figure, your roof sales will be easier! Can you see how this might be time well spent?

There are hundreds of things you can do to brand yourself. As a matter of fact, it is overwhelming if you don't screen out some of the ways. In my opinion, this is the main reason most people never get started - Analysis Paralysis! Put in other words, the more options you have the less likely you are to act. Remember this when you are attempting to upsell a customer!

Let's shorten the list into something a little easier to comprehend (and act on).

3 ways you can develop your personal brand this year:

1. Create a Fan Page for your business on Facebook. Think Facebook is all fun and games? WRONG! You can create a Facebook Fan Page for your business. It's an outstanding way to brand yourself. A Facebook Fan Page is simple to set-up and allows you to create a brand through News Feeds, Comments and other forms of Social Sharing. COST: Free, but there are some great paid advertising options offered as well.

2. Become a Blogger. You can create a blog that targets your industry. In my opinion, there is no better way to prove yourself as an industry expert than to consistently post quality articles on a blog. Remember to put a link to your Facebook Fan Page inside your blog to get more fans. You should also give readers the option to "share" your blog posts on their Facebook Wall or other Social Media sites. COST: Free.

3. Video Testimonials. The most effective sales tool you have is a well-crafted customer reference. The problem is that the way we receive information has changed. The traditional testimonial letter has become time-worn and antiquated. 2012 is all about GETTING Personal! Forget your old school reference letters. Video tape your customer testimonials and references for extra impact! You can even include the videos on your Facebook Fan Page and/or Blog. Burn your video testimonials onto a CD and drop them off when you are cold calling. COST: Free to start, minimal to "WOW!"

It's that simple. The ball is in your court - the challenge is issued. What will you do? Are you willing to do the hard work it takes to make roof sales easy?

It's Time for "Plan B" - The "B" is for BRANDING!