If you like log cabins there are many ways you can have one built on property you own. Here are some of the log cabins available to land owners looking to build.

Pioneer Log Cabins

The Pioneer log cabin is the cabin that the pioneers had. A pioneer cabin is one in which you cut or buy the logs and hand construct a small cabin on your land. The Pioneer log cabin is great choice if you are Pioneer Cabinlooking for a simple basic cabin to use as a hunting cabin, weekend getaway, or a guest house for the occasional relative who wants to experience the "rustic" setting of a basic cabin with no power or bathroom. If you have some basic carpentry skills you can easily build your own basic one room log cabin.

Modular Log Cabins

Modular log Cabins are similar to modular homes. The log cabin is assembled in a factory and then the home is transported to the ;and where it is placed on a foundation. Modular log Cabins are becoming more popular each year. Many log cabin purists laugh at the modular log cabins and do not believe a modular log cabin is an "authentic log cabin".

Supporters of modular log cabins will point to the popularity of modular log cabins. Some say that the modular log homes are not only a great value for he money but are usually more eco-friendly.

Log cabin purists will generally point out the construction techniques used for a modular log cabin. They will show how the modular log cabin is not a true log cabin because it is generally constructed as any house is with framing etc. After the frame is built log cabin siding is added to make the home appear to be a log cabin but in reality it is not a true log cabin. Log cabin purists know the special feeling that comes with a well built log cabin and they do not believe the modular log cabin comes close to replicating the rustic appeal of a modern cabin.

Log Cabin Kits

Log cabin kits are pre-cut logs that are cut and delivered to your home site. The log cabin kits simply need to be assembled and you will have a "true" log cabin. The only difference is instead of having a custom built log cabin you will have your choice of pre-packaged kits. You can still customize the inside of the cabin. Another difference is you do no t need to cut and fit your own logs. A log cabin kit can save many months in the building process.

As with all of the options you have for log cabins log cabin kits come in a huge variety of sizes, layouts, prices, and quality. Some log cabin kits are roughly thrown together and make actually increase you building time as the logs and the quality are questionable. A log cabin kit form a reputable company can save a lot of time on the log cabin building time and actually lead to a stronger more durable log cabin then if you had cut the logs yourself.

Regardless of the type of log cabin you choose to build you will enjoy it. A quality, well built cabin will lead to a home that even extended family members love to visit. There is nothing like the inside of a well crafted log cabin.