Is your spouse cheating?

Have you been feeling that your partner have someone else other than you? Feeling that he or she is not as cheerful and warm towards you lately? This could be caused by certain problems that your partner face, work or sibling issues maybe, but on the other hand it might be that he or she has been cheating on you. So how do you know if your partner is cheating on you?

Usually, when your partner does something weird, your intuition gives you a clue if it’s a good or bad thing. When you feel it’s something good, you would get excited. On the other hand, if you get a bad feeling, you’d get anxious and a little paranoid at times and most of the time you would end up with nothing except for that weird feeling. So let's say you have this immense feeling that your partner is cheating on you, the question in your mind would be, how do you catch your cheating spouse?

It’s not that hard to know when your spouse is cheating, you just got to have the patience and the time. Here are three very simple ways to catch your cheating spouse:

  • Check the phone. Warning on this, be sure NOT to get caught since this is a clear invasion of privacy but is also one of the best ways to know if your spouse is cheating on you, of course if your spouse has nothing to hide then there wouldn't be any good reason for him or her to get mad at you. Check new numbers and those who frequently call your spouse. Check the messages. The phone is the number one communication tool that anyone would use so there is a great chance that you might find clues to whether or not your spouse is cheating on you.
  • Check for physical and emotional clues. Your spouse doesn't feel like talking to you, he/she seems to be preoccupied with something and would not let you know what. He/she doesn't look at you straight in the eye, he/she finds you annoying, your spouse looks better, talking from the phone far from you so you won't hear etc. These could be signs that your spouse is no longer interested in you or that your spouse is already cheating on you. Be observant on suchclues, the earlier you find out the better.
  • Follow your partner. It can't be helped, especially if you get paranoid on this matter. If you don't want your spouse finding out that you have been following him/her, hire a private investigator to follow your spouse instead of you trying to be some amateur detective. This is the most practical and yet the best way to catch your spouse cheating. Following and getting him/her caught in the act would be very hard on you but it would put your spouse in a position where he/she cannot make excuses or whatsoever alibis he/she has in mind. 

If you find out that your spouse is cheating on you, don't panic and rush towards your spouse, it's always not a good idea and you might end up doing unnecessary things, worst case, you might even end up committing murder. Try to think things out and find ways to talk things out if possible. But if nothing works, approach the matter legally, file a divorce.

To prevent your spouse cheating on you, nurture your relationship and grow together. Never forget special dates like birthdays and anniversaries trust your partner and most importantly, give some of your time to your spouse. Successful relationships always require a great investment of time and attention.