Make Money with Xomba

Launched in August 2006, Xomba started out as a small social publishing and bookmarking site sharing its revenue with the members. After a year, Xomba hit a significant growth in traffic, members, and of course earnings. Xomba has created a community of members earning passive income from posting bookmarks and sharing ideas with everyone else. If you want to earn passive income too, join Xomba and find out how to make money in 3 ways.

You need to have Google Adsense and Xomba account in order to start earning passive income.

1. Xombytes - are contents or articles posted to Xomba. It has to be 150 words minimum. If you have a lot ideas and experiences that you can share to the readers, you can submit them to Xomba and you will earn 50% of the ads revenue generated. You have the freedom to choose your own niche and topics that targets a wide variety of readers. You can add images and links to your Xombyte to bring in more page views and help readers enjoy your contents better.

2. Xomblurbs - are social bookmarks that link to website, videos, or another article. Some people enjoys surfing the internet just to find funny stuffs, interesting articles, or educational videos. If you are one of those people, share what you find out there on Xomba and earn passive income at the same time. Each bookmarks you share creates a page in Xomba with all the ads. You will get 50% share of all the ads revenue with every bookmarks you posted. Xomblurb needs a summary or description that is at least 50 words.

3. Referrals. If you don't have much time to write or submit social bookmarks, maybe you have a huge network of friends that you can refer to Xomba. When you create an account with Xomba, you automatically get a referral link. Use this link to bring in more members to the Xomba community. People you refer has to sign up an account with Xomba using your referral link so they can be credited as your referral. You will get 10% of the ads revenue of all the earnings of the members that you refer. Your share will not be taken from their earnings, but Xomba will be the one to give it to you. So it means, you should also promote your referrals Xombytes and Xomblurbs outside of Xomba to get more page views and ultimately more earnings. It's a win-win situation for both of you.

Xomba provides 3 different ways to earn passive income and it is so much fun at the same time.