You Can Help Yourself Improve Your Reflexes By Doing These Three Fun Activities

Body-eye coordination is something that many of us would say that we could use even just a little bit more of. Wouldn't it be nice to have improved reflexes, as well as better control over your movements? Better coordination never hurts, and it isn't too hard or overwhelming to work toward either when doing so by partaking in activities that naturally help in developing body coordination and reflexes. The following three activities are fun, a bit off the beaten path and will each help in developing different aspects of coordination. Each activity naturally has its own distinct learning curve, but none are overwhelmingly difficult to learn with a bit of perseverence, though possibly frustrating at times.

Unleash the Yo-Yo Master Within You

Remember back when you were a kid in the 90's at the height of the yo-yo craze and were inseparable from your Yomega X-Brain? Well since then this simple toy has, without you knowing it, improved technologically by leaps and bounds. Yo-yo's that can spin longer, faster and have better stability continue to be developed. Current day yo-yo's will test your limits on how fast and accurately you can control them while performing a series of complicated, but awesome tricks. The faster you play, the harder it gets and the more you have to concentrate. So pull out from the depths of your attic those old dusty yo-yo's you bought when you were 10, or buy yourself a new one if they are long gone, and start throwing again. You'll find yourself smiling nostalgically when you begin going through your old trick routine, and then grinning from ear to ear when you find yourself successfully learning some new, more advanced tricks. If you are brand new, just pick up any yo-yo you can find and start playing.  The addiction process will be swift once you successfully Walk the Dog or Rock the Baby for the first time.

Yoyo Eiffel Tower

Juggling Is Not Only For Clowns

When was the last time you successfully managed to keep three tennis balls flying in the air in a contolled fashion for an extended period of time? You tried a couple times and failed you say? Well try again, because it will certainly assist you to become more coordinated. It help will your brain become comfortable in reacting to multiple stimuli at the same time, and not perceive all that movement of objects flying through the air as a mental overload. Most of us are comfortable catching a baseball because our focus does not have to be divided, but the moment someone tosses us two balls simultaneously, our brains essentially say, "I can't deal with this!" and freeze. Juggling trains our brains to relax and realize that dealing with multiple moving stimuli all at once is not as scary as it may think it is. If you have the patience to pick up those tennis balls time after time when they drop and stand facing a wall to practice, you will find yourself soon enough performing the seemingly impossible.

Hacky-Sack It Up With A Group of Friends

Foot-eye coordination is probably what we lack the most(the exception being those who play soccer or kickbox). Many of us do not use our legs for anything other than the purpose of helping us get from location A to location B, whether it be cycling, swimming, walking or roller blading. All of these ways we use our legs and feet to get us from one place to the other involve movements that do not vary much. When you walk, you always put one foot in front of the other, and unless you trip there is not much surprise. But you cannot really say what direction that hacky-sack is going to decide to go when you hit it. Your goal may have been for it to go up to enable a knee hack, but instead it said, "I think I'll make a downward left dive here..." This scenario creates the need for the ability to adapt and respond to the unpredictable play nature of the hacky-sack. So find yourself a beanbag, or make one yourself, put on some shoes that have wide surface areas on the top and sides, and start hacking. This also happens to be a super fun activity to play with friends, so be sure to drag a couple other friends kicking and screaming into this endeavor. They'll soon come around.