I am not going to talk about creating an elaborate HTML Ebay store or paying for the premium listing. That's way too complicated and expensive. Ebay should be simple and my ways to improve your listings are just that. Simple. The best 3 ways to improve your listing for Ebay are:

1. Make the Ebay listing personal


            This recommendation is not sexy, but it is important to mention first since it will be required for the following steps. What will set you apart from the masses of listings is you and your product's story. Explain how you got it and how you used it. People begin to imagine themselves using the product in a similar fashion and think that if it worked for you it will work for them.

2. Create a YouTube video that describes your product.


            If you're like me and you're scared to put your face on camera and post it to the world, don’t YouTube(44561)worry.  Additionally, if your YouTube phobias include not knowing how to set up a YouTube account, thinking it is too much work or thinking that editing the video afterwards is necessary, again, don’t worry. If ten year olds can do this, I think you can.


            For the camera shy readers, I recommend only putting the product and your hands in the video and then simply describing your product. The video is just a more elaborate rehash of the description of the Ebay listing, but it’s much more effective. People are visual and they enjoy seeing the product move, open and get used.  After the phobia of being on camera is over, let the camera roll. If you mess up, keep going. If you really want to start over, you can. This helps keep your videos succinct and short. Remember, these YouTube videos don't have to be perfect.  Once your done, head over to YouTube where you can set up a free account and upload your video. If you have iMovie, there is even a publish button under the top 'Share' menu item. I won't detail how to set up a YouTube account, but it is the same as any other online service registration.

            After your video is uploaded, go visit the video online and click the 'Share' button underneath the YouTube video. This will give you a URL link to your video that you can copy and paste into your Ebay Listing. Ebay doesn't allow you to embed your YouTube video right into your Ebay listing, but a link is totally acceptable.

            Video reviews is something I wish every Ebay lister and online merchant did. This makes the seller seem more transparent, it makes the buyer more educated and it creates a personal bond between the buyer and seller. The buyer no longer thinks the seller is a random person on the Internet because they've seen they're face on YouTube. Or at least their hands.

 3. Post additional photos of your product on Flickr and link to them

            Again, people are visual and they want as many photos as possible. Currently, eBay makes youpay for additional photos in your listing. We want to avoid that. The whole point is toFlickr make money on eBay - not pay them.  Flickr is a free, online photo sharing site. If you already have a site where you share photos, you can just use that. You could even use Facebook if you wanted, but I don't want potential buyers seeing the photo gallery of me in college.




           Quick Photo tips:


            a. Take extra descriptive photos of your product you want to sell.           b. Group them together into a 'Gallery', 'Album' or in Flickr's case, a 'Set'.
            c. Get the URL to this set. Flickr has a share button that produces a unique URL to your set. Simply copy and pasting the URL from the address bar won't work. Find something similar on your site of choice.
            d. Include this URL in your Ebay Listing.
            e. You’re done. 

These steps are simple and probably the reason people skip over them. They think they aren’t worth the little extra work to create a video and extra photos and link to them. If more people view your listing and bid on it they will be more likely to continue to bid and drive the price of your eBay listing up higher.