Where is the best place to earn money online without spending any money?

You might choose to write because you have always wanted to be a writer, or maybe you need to write because you can't find a regular job. Maybe you want to make some extra cash on the side or explore your creative side profitably.  Whatever the reason, there are many opportunities for you to make money writing online.  

There are three key strategies available to the aspiring web writer.  You can write for residual income, write for immediate cash, or present your best work to customers willing to pay top dollar for ready to go high quality content. For each strategy, the best writing websites out there right now for web content writers are highlighted.

Freelance Writing For Residual Income

Instead of selling your writing to some publisher (print/web/newsletter) and letting the publisher make money off your writing, the internet allows everyone to become their own publisher.  You can start your own blog, niche website and monetize the site, but that requires technical website building and marketing skills.  

Some enterprising webmasters have created websites that welcome aspiring internet writers who contribute articles in exchange for a share of the advertising revenue generated.  On these sites you can let the site owners manage the technical side of operating the website and managing the advertising plan while you focus on writing great content (and perhaps building links to that content). 

While there are a number of these revenue sharing crowd sourcing writing websites including Hubpages, Suite101, and Xomba, this site Infobarrel.com is, in my opinion, the best.  Revenue sharing is higher, opportunities to monetize the posts are better, and the site admin at Infobarrel is very responsive to the writer community.   

Success on revenue sharing websites is not automatic.  The keys to making money include:

    1. Choosing the right topics with commercial value
    2. Understanding and using keywords
    3. Consistently creating well written, useful content that other people are looking for

Infobarrel also has a friendly forum where writers can exchange ideas, successes and help each other become more successful.

Joining Infobarrel is free and a good stepping stone toward building your own websites, or just a great place to place articles on topics you don't want to build a whole website around.

Freelance Writing for Immediate Cash

Rather than search hard through your town for freelance clients (the old tough way) the internet now offers a number of market places where writers and buyers can meet, team up, and contract for the production of articles and other writing projects.  These freelance jobs can be set up on an hourly basis, but more often are structured on a project by project basis.

A number of marketplaces exist for linking writers and buyers including Guru.com, elance.com and my personal favorite oDesk.  Join oDesk for free and check out the thousands of writing jobs available to bid on.  The site charges a 10% cut on all transactions, but they not only provide a marketplace but also take care of collecting the funds from buyers and delivering the funds to the writer - and that is worth a lot. 

When setting up to earn income on oDesk you are wise to build up some reputation by taking some low priced small jobs and doing them well.  That will give you a quality/feedback score and familorize yourself with the way the site works before tackling larger projects.

Freelance Writing for Top Dollar

Perhaps the best return on hours invested for a skilled writer willing to wait for the right buyer, Constant Content offers the web content writer the opportunity to post grammatically correct, editor reviewed articles for sale at whatever price the writer likes.  The site is all about quality, and is not the place for writers accustomed to the loose standards of the revenue sharing sites.  Customers are looking for articles they don't need to edit to correct, and therefore that is what the editors at Constant Content require.

The website takes care of verifying uniqueness, editorial check, marketing, sale, collecting and distributing the funds to the authors.  For this work Constant Content takes 35% of whatever price the writer sets. The site also offers an excellent forum where experience writers answer questions and provide advice. 

You can read an in-depth review of Constant Content detailing the pros and cons of the site, or just sign up for a free Author account and start reading the guidelines.  Failure to submit error free work consistency, or submitting plagiarised articles (including quoting without citing) will result in permanent account suspension, so be sure you are following all the guidelines so you do not lose the opportunity to work with such a quality oriented marketplace.



In my quest to unlock the secret of making money online, I've spent a lot of time researching and testing to figure out the best websites for a freelance writer to earn money on. I've looked at ease of use, traffic, customer base, how the sites treat authors, and ease of getting paid. Most importantly, I only recommend sites that are solid, growing, and that make sure you will be paid for your work. The three highlighted websites are the best of breed that I have found in this search.   

As good as these three sites are, the best route to take to earn money writing online is really to combine all three approaches.  Earn immediate cash on oDesk, put your best writing on Constant Content and post commercially viable articles on Infobarrel for long-term residual income.  By combining efforts on these three site you will develop a diversified income that will serve you well. As you go, you will be strengthening your writing skills as you practice and practice some more.  

Once you have more experience with what works well you can graduate to building your own niche websites where you actually run the show. You may than want to hire other freelancers to write, do SEO or graphic design.  Than you will be well on your way to building up an online business to be proud of.

All the best in your new online career and write on!