You are probably thinking to yourself right now that there is no way to make your small kitchen look more efficient. Unfortunately, kitchen space often comes at a high premium, which is why so many homes across the country have small kitchens. Luckily, many kitchen retailers are now selling products that are specifically designed for small kitchens. To take a look at any of those products, check out Potpourri Group and Hammacher Schlemmer. Remember, the best way to save yourself some money when shopping at either of those merchants is to use coupon codes.

1. Reducing Clutter

The key to making a small kitchen more efficient is to reduce clutter. While reducing clutter in a small kitchen can be difficult to do, it is definitely manageable. If you are looking to make your small kitchen more efficient, then you are probably looking for more counter space. If you have any items on your kitchen counter that are not used on a daily basis, place them into cabinets. If you have any room left on your walls for more cabinets, take advantage of that space. Instead of having small appliances on kitchen counters, many people choose to purchase a pantry cart and only wheel the appliances into the kitchen when they are needed.

2. Dead Space

Is there a space between the cabinets in your kitchen and the ceiling in your kitchen? If so, that space is referred to as dead space. Being that you need a step-stool to get up there, you probably aren't utilizing that space. Take a look at your kitchen counter and go through your cabinets. Do you see any appliances, utensils or cookbooks that you do not use too often? If so, place those objects on top of your cabinets. If you are able to remove items from your counters and cabinets that you don't use, you can make room for items that you do use, which helps make your small kitchen more efficient. If you are worried about the decor of your home, you can place items in decorative baskets on top of your cabinets.

3. Rolling Carts

Rolling carts are one of the best inventions for small kitchens. While everyone would love to have a beautiful island with a granite countertop in their kitchen, the available space just doesn't always allow for that. When you are cooking meals or hosting a party, you probably need some additional counter space to help you prepare food. You can purchase rolling carts with different countertops, such as butcher's block or granite. You shouldn't have a problem finding a rolling kitchen cart that fits in with the decor of your kitchen because they are available in many colors. When you need some extra space, simply roll the cart into your kitchen. When you don't need the space, place the cart into another room. Most rolling kitchen carts feature shelves, drawers and cabinets, which helps you reduce clutter in your kitchen.