If you're looking for ways to monetize your blog i.e make money from all your hard content creation efforts. Then here it is! This is the article for you. First of all before you start monetizing your blog though, you should have a few things down already, if you don't have a blog you need to start blogging today!

First off, make sure your blog looks good. If it has a good visual appearance, people are more willing to read what you have. However you will also need really high quality content. This content should incite curiousity, interaction such as comments from your readers and most importantly should be syndicated.

By syndication I mean people Facebook sharing and retweeting your blog posts.

3 Ways to Monetizing Your Blog for Passive Income

The beauty with a blog is that the income you make off of it really is for the most part passive. So here is my top 3 list for monetization:

1. Adsense:

Google Adsense is a really powerful way for you to build income. You won't get rich from Adsense, but when you're first starting your blog, it definitely is a powerful way for you to start making money right away.

You can easily sign up for Google Adsense by just going to Google and then installing the code somewhere on your blog.

With Adsense you will get paid mostly just because people viewed your content, which means peoples ads are also getting displayed on your blog as well.

2. Paid Advertising

No, not you paying for ads.

I am talking about other people paying to put their ads on your blog. Once you've built up a readership of a 1,000 or more that is when I suggest creating an Advertising page giving your rates.

One tip on selling advertising space though is that you want to make the people pay for it monthly or buy a few months in advance. Some bloggers prefer to pay base on how many people actually view their blog content, which can get tricky and is not very passive if you have to count how many people are viewing your blog every day.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Probably my FAVORITE way of monetizing your blog. Affiliate marketing is basically you signing up for free (usually) with some program, product, or tool and they give you a special link that you can promote.

When someone buys through that link, the company will cut you a commission check for selling their product. Why I like this is because it is virtually automatic. You also have no worries about customr service, inventory, refunds, or any sort of real infrastructure for your blog.

So there you have it!

Three incredibly simple ways to monetize your blog starting today. Always remember though, in the game of monetizing your blog it really is about having high quality content that offers value to your readers. How many readers you have a month is going to be your primary money-maker for monetizing your blog.