Proper writing requires inspiration, a small golden nugget the author develops into a full-blown story. Yet its not always easy to know what to write. Inspiration can come from almost anywhere, yet there can be times when the author gets nothing for days. Anyone who has ever suffered from writers block will be able to tell you, its not always easy to put out quality work all of the time. Personally, I have three strategies that I use to ensure that I always have a steady stream of ideas available to write about.

1. Carrying a notebook with me at all times: Whenever I am traveling, even if it is to work in the morning, there is always a notebook in my bag. This is my special idea's book which I use to record any small golden nugget that may come up. This is especially important as most people can get inspirations from the smallest things. Many of my inspirations for writing come from mundane objects that I see during my travels. For example, a woman selling tomatoes by the roadside gave me six ideas for writing about tomatoes, their history, culinary use, recipes, etc. I duly noted it in my notebook and now I have something to write about the next time I get writers block and cannot think of any fresh ideas.

2. Brainstorm: Another simple and effective way to drum up some ideas is to brainstorm. Pick a word at random from a book or a newspaper and brainstorm. Write down any words you associate with the one you picked, and then write down any words you associate with the words you wrote down. This way you create a chain of ideas simply by putting words down on paper. In this chain, there is bound to be something that sparks a new topic in your mind. If not, save the results and review them later, maybe after a few days. A fresh mind might see something that a tired mind has overlooked.

3. Browse other peoples work: This one is a little controversial, but let me explain first. I am not advocating copying other people's ideas. However, by simply browsing the internet, and other people's articles, reading the comments, looking at the links, you may get an idea for yourself.

Keep in mind that writing is not always as easy as it seems. If you ever get stuck, maybe its time to take a break for a little bit. Let your mind and fingers rest, and give yourself time to get back into the creative zone. Like any activity, pursue in moderation.