It is not uncommon to see solid wood furniture such as end tables, book shelves and television stands by dumpsters. Unfortunately, good, functional pieces of wood furniture often end up in landfills, where they benefit no one. If you possess any wooden furniture pieces, consider reinventing them and enjoying them for many more years.

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1. Revamp vintage solid wood furniture with paint. Vintage furniture such as coffee tables, end tables and nightstands are generally well-made, sturdy and made of solid wood. It would be a waste to throw away such pieces. Instead, give it a facelift and incorporate it into your current decor. 

You can easily incorporate painted solid wood furniture into a shabby chic, cottage style, country French, or American country-style decor. Simply throw on a white coat of paint for an instant fresh look. Vintage coffee and end tables often have doors. Paint the doors or tabletop in a contrasting color for added style and interest.Ways to Reinvent Solid Wood FurnitureCredit:

Stenciling the doors or drawers instantly turns a wooden furniture item into a French-style piece. You can make your own stencil or purchase one from your local craft store. Use gold leaf or gold paint around the edges for an authentic French look. Afterward, simply apply a coat of clear finish to protect the design.

2. Reinvent wooden furniture with wallpaper. Wallpaper is a practical and cost-effective way to brighten up a room. It is available in most colors and you can generally find a pattern to fit your decorating style.

Here are some ideas on how to use wall paper to reinvent a piece of wood furniture:

Tables, nightstands and dressers – After painting your furniture piece, choose a coordinating wallpaper remnant. Cut out a piece of wallpaper to match the exact size and shape of the item's top. Apply the wallpaper cut out. Apply a thin coat of clear finish. A piece of glass cut to fit the item's top will turn your reinvented furniture into a high-end looking piece.

Another option is to apply the wallpaper to the front of drawers or doors instead of to the top.

Shelves – Applying wallpaper to a shelf's backing will create the perfect background for your accessories. It is also a practical way to tie in all the colors in the room. Stripes work great, but you can choose different patterns, depending on what you will be displaying on the shelves. For example, a floral pattern background works better for single-color accessories. However, if your accessories contain a pattern, a striped or solid background might be a better complement.

 3. Give wooden chairs a new look. Solid wood chairs can last for decades, and you can paint them any color to match a new decorating style. You can paint a set of four chairs in four different colors, one color each, to create a whimsical look. Such chairs would look great in a kid's room, a work area or a family room.  

New upholstery instantly transforms an old chair into an upgraded, functional item.

If painting wood furniture is too messy for you, take advantage of chair covers. Chair covers is another way to incorporate old dining chairs into a newly decorated dining room.

As you can see, there is no reason to throw away solid wood furniture, as you can easily transform it into a modern-looking piece of conversation. On the other hand, if you are looking for new furniture, buying a vintage item and reinventing it yourself could save you money. You can often find vintage furniture at flea markets, garage sales and on So, whether you possess any vintage wood furniture pieces or you come across some great finds, consider reinventing it and giving it a new lease on life.

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