Let's face it. Sometime in your life, you are going to get a wart. I got mine when I was just a teenager. It was on my hand and was fairly easy to conceal. But what if you get them in a place that is highly visible to your friends and family? What if the wart was on your face? What if you have more than one wart on your face? In this article, I am going to address just that.....how to remove a wart from your face.

Before you learn how to do this, you need to understand how a wart is created in the first place. A wart is clinically known as HPV or the human pappiloma virus. This virus is highly contagious and can be spread from person to person via even light contact. In fact, some believe that you can catch this virus from a towel. And to be perfectly honest, if you are reading this the chances are you already have the HPV virus.

Similarily, how someone reacts to the wart virus is going to be dependent on the person. Some people will carry the virus for life and never get a wart. Others will contract and immediately show signs of warts. Some will get a wart and it will disappear after a couple weeks. Others will get one that lasts for years. There are too many variables to say as to why someone will get one while someone else won't. Your chances of having visible warts seems to increase when your immune system is suppressed though.

Face warts can be different than the warts that you get on your hands and feet. Face warts typically are known as flat warts because of how they look on the skin. These types of warts tend to grow in small clusters and are pinkish in color. A lot of times, this wart looks like a mole.

The good news about face warts are they can be treated just like the other more common warts that pop up on your body. Here are three ways to treat face warts....

  1. Duct Tape- Duct tape can actually work on all warts and as unconventional as it may sound, many people claim it works fast. The reason behind this is how the body reacts to things on the skin itself. Cover the affected area with duct tape while you sleep and remove when you wake up. The duct tape will irritate the skin and cause your body to produce antibodies to fight the infection in the area. Repeat nightly until the wart is removed.
  2. Salicyclic acid- This is the most common wart remover and something that you can find in most of the over-the-counter wart medications such as wart away or compound W. If you are going to go this route, I suggest you apply the acid immediately after taking a hot bath or soaking the area as it will cause the wart to soften.
  3. Liquid Nitrogen- Another common way to remove a wart is to use liquid nitrogen. Unfortunately, this isn't a home treatment and can only be administered by a doctor. This usually "burns" or "freezes" the wart off. Common timeframe for the wart to be removed? 2-3 weeks.
There you have it. 3 ways to remove a wart from the face, ranging from conventional to unconventional. A face wart may cause a little embaressment but just look around you. Chances are everyone you see carries the HPV virus and could get warts at any moment. The good news is that you can easily remove them if you want using the various treatments available.

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