My three words are not the ones you expect to read here. Yes, I love you can certainly change anyones life, but so will mine. Having been a nurse for 44 years, I discovered 3 medical words that forever changed my life. I have shared these with family, friends and even with anyone who asked or looked to me for some help. These three little words have been a mainstay, changing my life in a personal way. I am not a doctor, however learned these words and how to apply them from a GP that I worked closely with for years. Doctors are sometimes exceptional, this was one such doctor, whose daughter followed right in her father's footsteps making a duo of a team. I was honored to be a part of these two doctors some of my working career.

One word is Bratty. In children, over the age of 3 or adults this word can help with wellness. During a bout with diarrhea it is sometimes difficult to avoid becoming more sick. The danger is dehydration and electrolyte imbalance from the excretion of fluids and needed body nutrients. Diarrhea is sometimes accompanied with a loss of appetite, so these things I have learned and used, must be administered in very small amounts to be kept down for their usefulness. If a teaspoon is kept down, give another teaspoon in a few minutes. Larger amounts should be given after several hours of the body accepting the small quanities.

Explaining Bratty is most easily done by telling you the B stands for bananas. R stands for rice in that word and A stands for apple. One T stands for tea and the other stands for toast with the Y standing for yogurt. These are to be given to the person with diarrhea without adding other components. For instance; no butter on the toast, no sugar in the tea and white rice without anything added too.

Of course you know to peel the banana, but also peel the apple since the skin is difficult to digest. Select the yogurt without fruit and natural ingredients.

The word Kagel has been around for centuries and yet not every man or woman know anything or all about this exercise. If you are a man reading this, tell your partner, your daughter, your son, your mother, Aunt and anyone you can share this valuable info with for better health and an added sensual experience as well.

Kagel exercises are best explained as you are sitting here, reading my infomation. Ladies, this is for you to practice and men for you to read and relay this info to everyone who will listen. First empty the bladder. As you are urinating, stop the flow for a minute and know the feeling of control when you tighten the sphincter that shuts off the urine when you do that. Continue to empty the bladder and then read my instructions for better bladder health as you sit viewing my information. Each time there is a conscious effort to tighten the bladder sphincter, it tones that sphincter to be able to keep it's elasticity. Anytime you do this, starting right now, you are possibly prolonging your better bladder health in your later years. What this can mean is less of a chance of having a leaking problem in senior years. Ok, let's practice this Kagel exercise as I explain it fully. Pretend you are going to urinate , but just before you relax to let the urine flow, stop by tightening the sphincter and now hold that for 5 to 8 seconds. Do this Kagel exercise several times a day, any place since no one will know you are doing this since it is an internal excercise. Extend the time that you hold onto the tightening ability as long as you can. With practice you will be able to hold onto that strength for several minutes.

The sensual part is when your male partner is inside the vagina during intercourse. Exercise the Kagel tightness then, which will give his manhood a stroking effect for a pleasurable experience.

My third word is RICE. This word can come in handy with a sprain until you can see your doctor for treatment. Even before you go to the emergency room, you can begin using RICE. R stands for rest, which means you will be not doing the activity you were doing that caused the sprain. It also means you will be not doing much of anything to aggrivate the injury. I stands for ice that you apply to the affected area. C stands for compression in the form of an ace bandage, firmly, not tightly put to the sprained area. E stands for elevate that injured part on a pillow even with your heart.

Your three medical words are Bratty, Kagel and Rice to change anyones life. Please use them in good health.