Fruit that keeps you healthy and beautiful

What's not to love about the avocado? A delicious, low-calorie source of essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need for good health. There are several popular varieties like the Haas from California which is used for these recipes. A Haas is ripe when its green skin changes to black and the fruit yields to light pressure.

Cut your avocado by holding the fruit in your hand and running a knife long ways on the center line while feeling the blade press against and rotate around the seed as you cut. When the cut is complete, twist both sides in opposite directions and the fruit will easily come apart revealing its smooth green flesh and a large seed in one of the halves.Cut Open AvocadoCredit: Sharon Rico Young

Remove the seed with a quick chop of the knife slightly imbedding the blade. Twist the knife and pull. The pit will lift out stuck to the knife. You can pull the slippery seed from the knife using a paper towel for a better grip.  

If you'd like to sprout and grow an avocado tree, push toothpicks firmly into the pit on three sides midline and submerge the bottom in a small jar of water resting the toothpicks on the lip of the jar.

Green with Smoothie Envy

  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
  • 4-5 ice cubes
  • 3/4 cup vanilla almond milk

Green SmoothieCredit: Sharon Rico Young

This is a thick creamy smoothie and usually requires an extra fat straw. If it's too thick for your taste, add more almond milk and ice and blend until you like the consistency.

Using a high-speed food processor or blender put in the ice and almond milk and then add the protein powder and avocado.

Layering the ingredients this way allows for a smooth blend and the powder isn't stuck to the bottom! Blend until smooth adding any extra milk or ice as needed. Add a straw and enjoy!

Berry Good Breakfast

  • buttery toasted crescent
  • goat cheese
  • organic strawberries
  • avocado

This one is easy. Cream the ripe avocado with a spoon and spread it and the tangy goat cheese on the toasted crescent. Add sweet strawberries and take a bite! Yum!

Better Breakfast CrescentCredit: Sharon Rico Young

Pudding You in a Good Mood

  • 5 dried dates (remove the pits)
  • 1/2 large or 1 whole small ripe avocado (seed removed)
  • 1/4 cup sweetened or vanilla almond milk
  • 5 tbsp powdered pure cocoa or cacao
  • 1 tbsp agave or honey
  • ready-made real whipped cream or heavy cream for whipping
  • dark chocolate bar for topping shavings 
Pudding ingredientsCredit: Sharon Rico YoungFinished PuddingCredit: Sharon Rico Young

Decadent dessertCredit: Sharon Rico Young

Rich chocolate pudding made with pure cocoa, sweet dates and smooth avocado! The texture will be a little different from what you're familiar with but this nutritional super snack is better than anything that comes pre-made in a cup or instant from a box! Along with the vitamins and minerals the avocado offers, cocoa boasts the ability to improve your mood as if a dish of pudding itself wasn't enough to make you smile! 

Combine pitted dates, avocado, milk, agave or honey and cocoa or caoca and blend adding more milk as needed to keep the thick mixture moving. In a separate container, whip the heavy cream with your processor pulsing the cream until it's thick and smooth! Not too long or you'll make butter! Spoon the chocolate pudding into dishes and top with whipped cream for a rich and chocolatey dessert made from fresh fruit! 

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