What are the three amazing secrets to being jacked? How do the pro's do it? What is it that they know that you don't? How do they build shoulders like a bull, barn door lats and glutes strong enough to crush an apple? Well there's three things they do that you're not doing.

Number one

Get more sleep. Stop staying up late playing video games, it's ruining your physique. Stop drinking coffee after noon, the caffeine raises cortisol levels in the body for hours and hours, which affects your sleep cycles. Turn off all the lights, unplug as many electronics as you can, and go to bed. Get a beautiful, restful 8 hours. Growth hormone levels will shoot through the roof, not to mention the optimization of all the other hormones in our body. Sleep your way to being huge.

Number two

Drink more water. You probably don't drink enough. And if you do, it's probably crap. Its either a plastic water bottle that someone told you was good for you (But it's not, stainless steel is better, glass is the best). All plastics leak chemicals into the water, whether its Bisphenol A or otherwise. These chemicals are know as OBESOGENS! They literally make us fat by mimicking the effects of estrogen in our bodies. As muscular men, we don't need to be consuming any foreign source of that female hormone, or any other one for that matter. Next, get some type of water filter. Likely what you are drinking is riddled with fluoride and chlorine, as well as a other industrial chemicals and pollutants.  There are so many filters, but do your best in deciding. All of these things work against our goal of being jacked. Making the choice to drink cleaner water in the first place is a huge step. Kudos.

Number three

Eat more carbs. To grow larger than we are now, we need to eat more than our body can sustain now! It's simple! If we want to be bigger, we have to consume EXTRA fuel, to the tune of 120% to 150% of maintenance level calories on TRAINING DAYS. Consume the extra 20-50% of calories in carbs or fats. The extra carbs, especially post workout, will allow a huge spike in insulin sensitivity which will shuttle the protein into our muscles, making us closer to achieving the adonis physique we are looking for. Also, eating those extra carbs will help replenish glycogen stores, making us better able to train yet another day. Each gram of carb stored in our muscles pulls in with it about 2-3 grams of water, making our muscles look FULLER and prettier. Ever notice how you look like crap on low carb days? That's why.

Follow these three tips and you'll be miles ahead of the average Joe, and well on your way to being jacked like the Pros! You'll get those compliments:)

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