Welcome to Seville

Travelling on a tight budget?

Seville is a stunning Spanish city famous for the orange groves that surround it. Whether you're visiting Seville in summer or even in winter, there are lots of sights to see and affordable attractions to entertain you and your family. 

I visited the city in December 2007, I was a student back then and understandably my budget was very limited. It's a pleasure for me to share some budget attractions in Seville with you:

Cathedral Giralda

This beautiful cathedral is the third biggest on earth and has some exquisite architecture. The structure is gothic in style and there are some interesting sculptures in the grounds as well as art inside by artists such as Goya and Murillo. The cathedral costs €6 to visit although it is free on a Sunday which is by far the very best day to visit as you may be lucky enough to hear music by visiting choirs. 


If you are searching for history, the Italica is really a poignant and special place to visit being the birthplace of Adrian and Trajan, to infamous Roman emperors. The site boasts some incredible historic ruins and you could walk round the streets as though walking round an abandoned city. The amphitheatre is well kept and there are guided tours in numerous languages should you wish to find out more. It is simply €1,50 to visit the Italica site and fascinating to any tourist visiting Seville. 

Reales Atarazanas

The royal shipyards in Seville used to house artillery for the Spanish Navy. Nowadays the buildings are empty, but do have some interesting historical displays. Although not a main tourist attraction, the Reales Atarazanas are worth visiting to get a real sense of Spanish naval history. There are often concerts and exhibitions held in the shipyard buildings as they have fantastic acoustics and many of these concerts are free. 

I hope these tips come in handy before you visit Seville next time. Remember, you do not need to have a large budget to have fun on your travels!

Orange juice on a Seville cafe

Orange juice in Seville