3 Games To Increase Your English Vocabulary
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No matter which language you aspire to master, vocabulary is key.  As we merely use a fraction of available words everyday, building up a wide vocabulary can’t be done passively, but it has to happen deliberately. With over 1 million words in the English language, it’s obviously not possible to learn and contextually apply them all. But that shouldn’t hinder anyone from increasing his or her vocabulary. Improving your vocabulary can’t be done over night. It’s a long process that requires a lot patience, dedication and practice. Fortunately, this doesn’t imply that increasing your vocabulary can merely be achieved by learning words from a book. Often it is more effective to do so by means of a game, as this firstly ensures full attention and dedication due to our competitive nature and secondly also has secondary benefits such as human interaction and fun. Listed below are some of the most popular and effective games to increase your vocabulary.

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One of the most effective and fun methods for increasing your vocabulary is by playing scrabble. It can be used to both increase your vocabulary and spelling skills as well as boost your creativity. Be it at home with your family or online, with scrabble you can’t go wrong. Before playing scrabble against your friends, it is highly recommended to get a dictionary ready to resolve any arising disputes.

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Hangman is one of the most popular games to improve your vocabulary and it can be played in a great variety of versions. But the Gist of it is as follows: You start off with a certain number of dashes placed under the “hanging stage”. The chosen number of dashes represents the length of the word. Often you will be given some category to which your word belongs. You are now required to choose a letter that is contained in that word. If you guess correctly, you will be shown which dash or dashes it represents (where the letter belongs). If you guess incorrectly, your “hangman” gets another line. Hangman can be played in many variations, with pen and paper against at least one opponent or online. A very convenient way to increase your vocabulary might be to use your time on the bus or waiting in line by playing hangman on your phone.


Balderdash is another popular game for significantly improving your vocabulary. Again, this may be played in a variety of forms.  For example, each of 4 players takes turn reading an unusual word from a card to the rest. Let’s call him the “reader”. The other players then write down what they consider the right definition for the mentioned word on a piece of paper and submit that to the “reader”. He in turn will read out all “fake” definitions along with the “right” one tho the rest, who then will be obliged to guess the “right” definition. Points can be given for submitting a good definition or for guessing the right word.

Most people will prefer the mentioned approach to increasing their vocabulary, as it doesn’t seem like hard work. It comes naturally and can be done with your family and friends. An additional bonus might be that our competitive nature will additionally motivate us to do well and remember the learned words for next time. Who doesn’t like to win?