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It does not need to be expensive to visit Stockholm

Grona Lund, Changing of the Guard, Vasa-museum

The capital city of Sweden has attractions for all budgets and ages from shopping centers, to museums and amusement parks. Lots of the cities museums are free of charge and there are also some walking tours operated in the city that are free for tourists. Our top 3 attractions include many of the most popular places to visit. 

Grona Lund

This excellent theme park is 90SEK to visit for the entire day - around £8.60. For admission to the park for the day this is good value for money. There are 31 rides and even though some of these cost extra, just for the thrills it is worth it. The park features a recent new addition of a wooden roller coaster which is very well liked. There are numerous large rides including a free fall, but also plenty to do for young kids and those with less of a head for heights. 


Lilla Almanna Grand 9

115 21 Stockholm

Contact: 468 587 501 00

The Changing of the Guard

It's totally free to watch the changing of the guard in front of the King of Sweden's residence and the whole display lasts about 40 minutes. Every day there is a military band at 12.15 pm and you will often see guards approaching the palace on horseback. This spectacle is really a delight for all ages and is an important part of Swedish history. 


Drottningholm Palace


The Vasa Museum

The Vasa was a famous ship that sadly sank on her maiden voyage out of Stockholm in 1628. She was finally salvaged in 1961. There are some excellent displays in historical artifacts available at the museum and it is totally free for all those under the age of 18. An adult ticket costs 110SEK. On visiting the museum you will get a great feel for the history of Stockholm and this warship has a fascinating story. 


Galarvarvsvagen 14



Telephone contact: 468 519 548 00

Future tip: Finally if you're visiting Stockholm down the road, keep a look out for the Abba Museum which is planned to be opening soon! 

Stockholm by the sea

The city of the dozen islands

...the scenery is great