Many InfoBarrel authors write monthly earnings report. However, I have decided to do things a bit differently. First, because I don't have so many news things to say every month. Being relatively new here would make a monthly report quite uninteresting. Also, I prefer to have a report based on how long I have been at InfoBarrel. It may encourage some to join InfoBarrel, or discourage others. At least, it should give a fair image of this site. There is one thing I would like you, the reader, to do: remember that this is just the report of 1 person. This is not a general average. Some may get more successful, others less successful.

1. Background

Before joining InfoBarrel, I had 1 website (with a domain name, own coded pages, etc...) and 3 blogs: 1 quite active, 1 quite dead and 1 new.

I am a technical guy, but not a webmaster. Working with a PC or the internet in general is not a problem, but making websites is not a part of my skills.

Community sites were something new to me. I had never heard of Squidoo, Hubpages, Seekyt or StumbleUpon/Pinterest, etc... I did not know anything about keywords, SEO, LSI either. I did not have an Amazon affiliates account and did not have a Chitika account. The only advantage I had compared to some people starting at InfoBarrel is that I had a Google Adsense account and that I knew making money online takes some time.

I have a disadvantage compared to some people. I am not a native English speaker. I would even go further and say I speak 2 languages daily that are not English and not my native language either. So, keeping a high quality English is difficult and proof reading myself takes a lot of time and effort. I am glad none of my articles were denied because of bad English.

2. Earnings

After 3 months at InfoBarrel, I have:

  • about 20 articles
  • 2 feature articles (articles published on the front page of InfoBarrel)
  • a bit more than 1000 views for all my articles

I have got 1 click and many "0.01 days" (days where there is no clicks, but you get a bit of money from advertisers that pay per page views and not per clicks). Actually, I have more and more days getting 0.01 and, cumulated with my other blogs/website, 0.00 days are getting less and less common.

I have not got any money at all from Chitika or Amazon. 

3. What I learned

I learned a lot about keywords, SEO, LSI, etc... but I still write on the topics I want because I have not finished the list of topics I want to write about (I maintain a list with those topics). I had the hope that one day, this list would be empty so that I could focus on writing articles about popular topics but this list is simply getting longer and longer (I get ideas faster than I write and the more I write, the more I get ideas about what to write about). I also write about topics that are not on that list (for example, I did not think I would write a 3-month report).

SEO is still a "no way" for me. Including the keyword in the first and last sentence? Not a chance. I write a first sentence which is an attention catcher, which gives the reader the reason why I wanted to write about the subject or how I got the idea about writing the article. I will not compromise my style to please search engines. Not now at least. Stubborn maybe but truthful to my style. VicDillinger said only idiots don't evolve. I am sometimes wondering if this applies to me. The day I write about keywords may come sooner than I think and I will probably change my writing style at that time but for now, SEO is a complete no-go.

LSI: I don't think too much about it either but contrary to SEO, I think it is a good thing generally speaking. Why? Basically, LSI means that you will introduce the topic to your reader with some context, background, etc... that will please both the search engines but also your readers. You also have to use synonyms instead of using the same words again and again, but this is again a good thing anyway.

4. Community, referrals, etc...

I have been quite active on the InfoBarrel forum. I have some followers, and get some friendship requests every now and then. It seems to me that some big names at InfoBarrel begin to know me (mommymommymommy, VicDillinger, Skeffling, ...). All in all, I really appreciate the community here. 

I have 4 referrals here and 4 at barlrol. The 4 referrals I have at InfoBarrel are unfortunately inactive and have not written anything. It is a shame. Especially one of them has a lot of things to say (reading a lot, not completely brainwashed by media, having strong and interesting opinions and being a native English speaker with good communication skills).

5. Others

Many writers set up goals. How many articles they want to write, how many views they will try to get, how much they will try to make. I am not there yet. I will write with the flow, hope to get the time to write faster than I get new ideas of article, otherwise my list will explode.

Money wise, I am not in a hurry. I am happy when I make more than 0.00. Every 0.01 is still a victory for me.

I have started writing for Squidoo, I am now quite active on 2 of my blogs (the third one and my website are still at dead point). I have registered at Seekyt and Wizzley but I have not written much there. I have written my first a-bit-sale-oriented article (review of a product) but the competition is hard and I don't think I will get any money from it. 

Edit 25/03/2013: this article is now outdated, I keep it for record purpose only (for curious people). If you want something newer, please wait for my Mars 2013 report or have a look at my report after 6 months.