Choosing the right babysitter is a difficult decision for any parent. Asking a babysitter the right questions can help you make the right decision. Finding a safe or nurturing environment that your child or children feel comfortable in is an essential part of finding the right babysitter. The following five important questions should be asked before making your selection.

What will your child's daily routine consist of?

Young children have a hard time adapting to change so knowing the daily schedule and childcare environment will help you rate a potential babysitter. It is also important to know the amount of engagement and social interaction your children will partake in throughout the day. You will need to decide if the babysitters routine will fit in with your child's home environment. Having conflicting schedules between home and the babysitter can be a difficult transition for your child. Definitely consider the daily routine into your selection process.

What method of discipline will be enforced?

Not only will this question help you determine your child's safety but It will also make sure that both you and the babysitters values are in line. You want your child to feel safe in the new environment and disciplinary action can play a huge role in your child's comfort level. All children respond differently to different disciplinary measures so make sure it is one that your child will properly react to.

What types of meals and snacks will be prepared for your child?

Healthy snacks and nutritious meals are essential to a well-balanced diet and will aid your child's growth and well-being.  It is important to know the types of meals and snacks your children will be provided as they enter their new childcare environment.  It is also important to note your child's food allergies. It is important to be sure these foods will not be prepared for your child. Make sure your child will receive healthy meals that they are familiar with eating. Young children will often reject unfamiliar food so it is important to ask this question.

Choosing the right babysitter is definitely a difficult decision. Before selecting a babysitter make sure you ask all the questions that make you feel comfortable. The three questions above will give you a step in the right direction towards selecting the right babysitter. Write all your questions down before you interview a potential babysitter. Make sure you ask all the questions on your list. Don't be embarrassed or afraid to ask questions as this a major decision for both you and your family.