3 teams to avoid in the NFL fantasy football draft 2012


Fantasy football season is still a long time away but these 3 teams you might want to avoid when the draft time arrives.



 Ok so they got Peyton Manning as their new QB, but what seems to be their greatest strength is also their greatest weakness. If Peyton is ready from day one and plays like the Peyton of old then disregard everything I say here. But this is the guy that will at the beginning of season be almost 20 months removed from playing a meaningful game, a guy with a 3 surgeries and will be 36 years old. Frankly I would just let someone else take the risk. Fantasy football is about finding the most consistent guys and least risky guys, and I just see this whole offense very risky. Like I said if Peyton is ready and starts strong then mea culpa but I will pass on the risk. Broncos also feature 2 very risky RBs. Moreno is inconsistent and injury prone while McGahee is old for a RB. Te and WR positions depend fully on the Manning factor.

If you think Manning will be the old Manning by all means, draft a Bronco but realize that you are taking a risk.


2.New YorkJets


 Where to start with these guys? They have a soup opera at the QB position after getting Tebow in a trade, they have a prima donna WR Holmes, crazy HC, and they might end up on Hard Knocks again. Not to mention that Greene was very disappointing last year for the draft position he was being drafted in. If Sanchez starts and plays well Keller and Holmes might have some value but don’t hold your breath, if Tebow takes over at some point everyone but Tebow will be worth next to nothing.

Just say no to this snack.




It seems all the teams on this list have been touched in some way by Peyton Manning saga.  Colts are in the full rebuild mode. They will have a rookie QB, new lineman, new starting RB, TE and new WRs. They will most likely repeat last season. They might get a few more wins but for fantasy football purposes just stay away from all Colts.