1. Never Hike Alone

It is vHiking AloneCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hike_to_Harding_Ice_Field.jpg/Sujohn Das via Wikimedia Commonsery important and critical to never go alone for a hike in some trickier area like; a forest or canyon. You may face some problems which may not be possible for you to over come on your own. But it may not be so important to have a company if you are hiking in a local park.

There are many advantages of having a partner when you go hiking. People who are have a partner can cross the streams and climb tricky areas much easily, as compared to those who are hiking alone and their own.

Your partner can go back to the trailhead and get help if you face an injury. In places where the climatic temperature is low, two people can conserve body heat much easily than a person who is alone.

2. Be Prepared for Possibilities

Use guides and maps to survey the area you are planning to hike before hand if you are not aware of the area. Do your homework; risking your life is not worth it. Being aware of the area is always wise.

You can also get information about the area from hikers who have had experience of going there, they can tell you about any tricky paths and difficulties you might face. This way you will be prepared before hand. You can also use the internet for research and get all kinds of information that you need.

Make sure you take appropriate hiking gear. This includes basics such as a map, compass and water but you should also plan ahead by taking first aid supplies, some basic provisions and proper equipment if you were to be stuck overnight.

It is better to b prepared than being stuck in a helpless situation. Hiking is an adventure full of dangers and troubles.

3. Make Use of Common Sense

Do not get over confident and do foolish things when you are on the trail. It is wise to exercise your common sense while exercising you body when you hike.

Inform another person about the route you are taking and also inform them about the tie of your return so if you don’t get back in time a search party can be sent to check on you.