Search engine marketing is the number one way most new niche website will be found.  It is also one of the most effective things you can do to promote your site. So it is  a win-win. Millions upon millions of people use search engines every single day to find out almost everything. You would think that if someone types in an exact phrase that you have on your website that you would be top on the list right? Well that's where you are wrong. Google doesn't rank pages like that. Although, don't get me wrong having the right content on your site is an important factor. You also have to have strong amounts of backlinking. Don't know what backlinking is? Backlinking is when you have links on other sites pointing to your site.

Another important thing you should know about search engine marketing is that it isn't everything. If you don't have decent content on your site it won't stay on top of the search engines if it ever gets there. Good content is key for any success full site. If you have stuff people want to buy, or information people want to know then you are off to a great start. Using search engine marketing you could make a lot of money. Is search engine marketing expensive?

Like all things there is the triangle of achievement. You can have something fast, good, or cheap. Obviously if it is fast and good it's probably not going to be cheap. If you are willing to learn you can do it all on your own there are several tools out there such as googles keyword tool. However, one important thing to remember about that tool is it is built for making adds. So while it will give you accurate results on how many times people search for things it wont help you figure out other things such as your competition. Another tip about using these free tools it to try and choose something that will be around for awhile you might have limited success with hot items, but it's better to build up a more moderate income with a longer lasting future.