Learning a computer coding language

Many people with an ambition to learn a computer compatible programming language successfully tend to jump right in at the deep end, and forget about the basics needed to understand the logic behind the code. The reason for this is in many cases because they know what they would like to achieve before starting. For example, Someone who wishes to create a small game in Java might search for 'how to create a game using java coding,' on you-tube and copy whatever the video producer does. Yes, what you have done is code in Java but it has been done so without basic understanding of what the code is executing. This would be a problem as minor errors in the code could become a disastrous as you would not be able to identify what is wrong with it. This will also mean the product has no originality and is fairly boring.

If your thinking of starting to learn a computer coding language, then take a minute to look at my key points which are vitally important to be remembered if an above adequate outcome is desired. If you feel you do not have these physical and mental resources, then coding is probably not something you should be getting into.

Number one: First of all you will need to have plenty of spare time on your hands before starting a course. Computer coding is not something that can be self taught in a day, week or even a month. It is crucial that you have time to practice what you've learnt and put it into context. Also be aware that you can never perfect a language, there is always something else you can do with it. Part of the beauty of coding is that you can play around with it and try many new things.

Number two: Make sure you are learning the correct language specifically for the purpose you are using it for. What I mean by this is that each different programming language function differently providing different outcomes. An example of this would be learning HTML to create a browser game when HTML's primary purpose is to create and build on websites.

Number three: Learn the basics of the coding language first. This is the most important one as going straight into a big project is virtually impossible to the novice coder. Many who wish to create games using code don't realise that for a top market end game to be made, it can take a whole team of experianced coders months and in many cases years to get the game up to scratch. Without the basics, you will never progress.

By remembering these three key points, you should be well on your way to becoming a successfull coder.



All from personal experiance.