You are what you eat! This is an understood motto, however, how restaurants get your food to you is all part of that process. From the appearance of the restaurant and their marketing, right down to the menu cover the presentation of a restaurant is paramount to its success. Menu covers for restaurants tend to be something that is done at the last minute and without very little thought. However, the devil is in the details. Guests will appreciate any business that takes the time to ensure that the entire experience lives up to their standards. Restaurants need to start taking their time when creating the covers of their menu and ensure that they represent their brand and experience. The following are 3 tips for creating eye catching menu covers that are sure to please any guest.

What are you trying to say? This is a key question that needs to be considered as the first step in the creation of any successful menu cover. Knowing the style and experience that your restaurant is offering the client will help you to decide how your menu should look. If you are an upscale urban diner the wording, font, color and material of the cover will vary greatly from a country western restaurant located on the outskirts. The overall voice of your cover should perfectly match the tone of your restaurant.

Now that you have your voice, it is time to put it to good use. What are you made of? No seriously! This is a key question that needs to be asked of your menu. With so many choices of materials on menu covers for restaurants, it becomes a critical part of the selection process. Vinyl, leather, paper, laminate along with many others are all choices that are out there and all carry their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. The question needs to be how you can choose a menu cover material that matches your tone. Paper disposable menus may not be the right feel for the Steakhouse and vinyl layouts might be poorly matched with 5 star dining. Ensure your customers understand exactly who you are by giving the right texture to your menu cover.

Finally, it’s what is on the inside that counts. The content that you put into the menu is going to be easy enough to determine. How you choose to display that content can and will make all the difference. It is essential to use tools like photos and inserts to draw your diner’s attention to the items that make your brand. Ensure once again the images and text are all a part of the process and accurately portray who you are. It will take a little more time to get creative in the artistic side of the menu cover creation; however, a few hours invested now can pay out huge dividends in the future.

So if you are looking for a way to create eye catching menu covers for restaurants remember these lessons. Invest the time to clearly ascertain the voice and experience of your establishment. Once you know who you are, ensure that the materials you are using to build your covers accurately reflect who you are. Last, but not least, ensure the images and graphic layouts of your menu cover communicate who you are and what you want your diners to do. If you can manage to create your cover following these steps you’re sure to find success.