3 ways for effective fat loss

When most people hear words „weight loss“ or „fat loss“ the immediately think of some kind of cardio exercise. It is understandable, because in many fitness magazines we can come across articles advising us to „run for 15-30 minutes, four times a week“. Their authors claim, that after a certain time, when your body burns out all sugar contained in blood it starts burning fat. BUT, what really happens is, that your body burns fat AND proteins. It means, that you are loosing with you fat also your muscles.

Here are ways, how to lose fat and keep all you muscles and gain some more.

Work out

This is probably not a surprise for you, but let me explain, how to make your workouts fun.

  • Pick a workout plan – this is how to make sure, that you will work on all your muscle groups.
  • Make an exercise book – make sure, that every time you work out you also write down all the exercises and number of repetitions. When you see your progress, it will keep you motivated.
  • Exercise regularly – the best thing is to have a work out buddy. Somebody, who will work out with you. You will motivate each other and you will also be liable to one another.
  • Outlay of energy should be greater than energy gain – if you will exercise a lot and eat a lot at the same time, you will not lose weight. Stay away from eating a lot of junk food, sweets and meals from fast foods. They contain a lot of sugars and salt and that is the reason, why you feel so tired in the afternoon.


running is ideal for forming your body and fat loss. But by running i don’t mean easy jogging for 30 minutes. Ideal is interval running. You sprint during one interval and then you walk. I will this explain in greater detail in one of my future articles.

Interval running is very exhausting, but it speeds up your metabolism and help you burn your fat.


Drinking water does not have much in common with a fat loss. The important think is, that water helps digest sugars, proteins and fats. That means, that after each meal you should drink a glass of water to digest all quickly.
Water is equally important for the work out. If you body have enough water you will feel more energized and your whole body will work well a regenerate faster.

All the regular exercise and correct diet will speed up you metabolism. You will also feel more energized and healthy.
I hope that this article was beneficial for you and I wish you a lot of success.