Stomach pains


A wise man said “if you take care of your stomach the first 50 years of your life, then it will take care of you the next 50 years”.


I know a lot of people who suffer from stomach disorders. One of the reasons is that, when it comes to the way we eat, many of us just go with the flow. We choose the immediate pleasure; we enjoy a lot of things that we know as bad for our health, and after that we complain that we are sick and fat.

I agree the temptation is big and that it’s hard to resist.

Actually, there are moments when you just can’t do the best choices for your stomach. When you visit your relatives, it’s not necessary to refuse all they give you to eat, just because it’s not the healthiest thing.  When you are with friends in a place where only junk food is available, you don’t have to choose to starve.

Most important is how many times a week you eat what’s right for health. If it’s at least 50% of the times, then you are on the right track.

The idea is not to do dramatic changes, because it will make things too difficult to handle. Just start with one thing, see how it’s going, and then step to another.


Here are three habits that you could introduce, little by little, in your lifestyle:


1. Pay attention to the food you usually eat

What you eat influences directly your health, disposition and productivity.

So, if your menu is mainly composed by junk food, lots of fats, sugar or processed food, this won’t be the best support for your stomach.

In this situation, the best thing to do is to include a big amount of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and weeds in your daily diet. The more, the better! A healthy diet should contain at least forty-fifty percent of unprocessed food.

It possible that you imagine you’ll starve, if your meals contain mostly vegetables, and that you won’t like the taste.

Actually, if you don’t know how to prepare vegetables and fruits other that salads, there are a lot of raw or vegetarian recipes on the internet. I have tried some of them and they were really good and nourishing.


2.  How much food you eat at one meal

How much we eat is also essential for our wellbeing.

In my family, it was the belief that you must eat a lot to get strong and healthy. Like this, there are a lot of people who think that the more you eat the more nutrients you offer to your body.

The truth is that usually we get inside us more food than needed. That’s why most often you feel sleepy and heavy, after eating.

You need to eat to produce energy but overeating slows digestion and in long-term can produce stomach disorders. Eating more than it should, means giving more work than it can handle, to your stomach. So, instead of gaining more energy, you consume a great part of it through digestion.


3. The way of combining aliments

There are some rules to respect when combining the food. They might seem strange in the beginning, especially because they say that a lot of classical food combinations are not healthy. But, afer a while, you can discover that this is making sense.

The first important rule is to avoid eating at the same meal proteins and carbohydrates. So, when you eat a steak and french fries, or fish and rice, this is not a very good choice for your stomach.   

 The reason to do so, is that our stomach produces a limited type of enzymes, specific to each kind of food. If we combine aliments that are acid (proteins) with those that are alkaline (carbohydrates), then the stomach won’t be able to digest completely any of them.

Another important rule is to eat fruit separately from other foods. The best is to consume them, at least 30 minutes before meals. When you combine fruits with other aliments, they will remain more time than usual in your stomach, and they will start to ferment. This way, you will end feeling that your abdomen is bloating up.

First time I read about these ideas, I thought it is nonsense. Some months after that, I found the same ideas in other place so I decided to try for my own and see if it’s true. And for me it works – I have a lot less pain or tension in my stomach after eating.


I must mention that I don’t have any medical certification. If you suffer from severe stomach pains, it’s better to see a doctor. If your stomach is healthy or it’s having small problems from time to time, these are some simple rules that can help you stay in good health, and keep a high quality of life. So why don’t just try, and see how it’s functioning for you?


Here are some reasons to start paying attention to the way you eat:

  • it will prevent certain metabolic diseases
  • it’s a good way to stay in shape
  • it will increase your daily energy


I’d love to know if you were already aware of these things and if there are others you consider more important.


All the best,