Have you ever found yourself in desperate need of $50 or $100 and had no idea where to get it from?

Usually this means applying for a fast-tracked personal cash loan. The only problem with that is you'll have to pay it back and the interest is insane. Besides, who wants an evil debt collector knocking on their door anyway?

I’ve come up with 3 excellent ways to help you get money fast. It might not be millions of dollars but its real money and it's very easy. You don’t need to be a genius or have fancy qualifications and you have nothing to lose. After a bit of research, along with trial and error, I’ve picked these 3 top ways that can help you with your finance situation.


My Top 3


  1. CloudCrowd

    This is my number 1 link because of how fast they pay your money. There’s no minimum pay limits and I tested this with a mere 50 cents which I saw in my PayPal account a day later.

    It’s actually a Facebook app, so you’ll need a Facebook account of course. The concept is brilliant and it’s getting very popular so join while you can. After the app installation you automatically become a freelancer and join a huge database of micro tasks / jobs. These tasks fall under a number of different categories but they’re all very easy, just do the ones you like and ignore the ones you don’t like.

    You can complete tasks like edit documents, arrange categories, write a story, do research, data-capture or whatever other administrative type of task you like.

    There are also options for other languages, so if you're proficient in German for example, then you'll have an advantage. Large companies submit their tasks instead of employing someone saving them time and money - it's a win-win situation.

  2. WebAnswers

    I placed this site at number 2 because it’s a great way to make a quick buck, however you won’t get the immediate payment as with my number 1 selection. The reason is because revenue is by means of Adsense, so you’ll get your money when Adsense pays you. Having said that it’s still fast money because you can log on and start making cash almost instantly.

    It's a busy question and answers website with all the traffic you need, simply answer questions and earn Adsense revenue. Posters share revenue in a single Question thread, but if your answer gets selected as the best answer you’ll be the only one to earn revenue for a full year on all the views on that post.

    You can also ask questions which helps towards your quality score. You’ll need to answer 50 questions before you can link your Adsense account. However, once you have linked your Adsense account you’ll start earning including from those 50 questions.

    It’s great because you don’t have to worry about building up traffic over long term, you can start answering right away and generate impressions on the fly. Again, it won’t make you rich but its real money.

  3. InfoBarrel

    I’ve selected InfoBarrel as my number 3. In my opinion it takes some time to build up money with blogging, no matter what blog-site you use, so it’s not as instant as the above - with the exception of InfoBarrel. That’s because they have some of the fastest turn-around times I’ve seen on any blog. So although it generally takes a little longer to make money by blogging, you can still have a relatively quick income source because of their promptness. If the money you need is not super urgent I suggest blogging on this site.

I like to think of these three as an order of urgency, rather than as one being better than the other. In other words, faster money is usually little money (10, 20, 50 bucks) but money that takes longer to make is usually a lot more ($100, $400, $1000).