Living in an almost digital world where most people rely on computers, it is not a surprise that people are in the habit of upgrading their hard drives to get more storage.

In most cases, hard drive 40GB isn't enough to hold all the things that you want to store. Because of that, a lot of people buy hard drives with a larger capacity. While it may seem that 40GB hard drives aren't very popular nowadays anymore, you may still be able to purchase one.

There are two kinds of hard drives – for desktops and for laptops. Desktop hard drives are 3.5" wide while laptop hard drives are 2.5". There is a hard drive 40GB both available for desktops and laptops but are usually found in older models.

Both desktop and laptop hard drives can be put in a USB enclosure to utilize it as an external hard drive, although 3.5" hard drives require external power adapter as opposed to the 2.5" which only requires a USB connection to run.

Each hard drive also differs with its connections, as there are 2 types: IDE/ATA and SATA. There isn't much difference between the two as it only differs in connection. However, SATA offers faster data transfer hot swapping.

SATA is now used widely in desktops and computers, and now has three generations from 1.5 Gbit/s, 3Gbit/s and 6 Gbit/s. On the other hand, most 40GB hard drives have IDE/SATA connection because they were the first high-capacity drives around 3 to 4 years ago.

It may look like such a short time, but technology is going so fast nowadays that 40GB IDE hard drive was easily shadowed by larger hard drives with a faster connection in just a short period of time.

Hard drive manufacturers have now actually discontinued producing 40GB hard drives in favor of HDs with larger capacities due to the growing public demand.

Before, 10GB, 20GB and 40GB hard drives were very popular. But now, 250GB up to 1TB (1000 GB) is becoming a standard in most desktops and laptops.

Hence, if you are still using a hard drive 40GB, you just might consider upgrading and buying a larger and faster capacity hard drive – because you can never really get enough space to hold all your digital files.

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