1. Rain

Rain is supposed to be a blessing but when it rains on your wedding day or when you have picnic planned, then, it can be really annoying. It also makes me feel miserable and depressed! It's just water but I'll rather deal with the heat than the rain. Never satisfied!

2. Rude People

It only takes a few seconds to say please and thank you.  Some idiots think being rude makes them though. It is just annoying and there is nothing slick about being rude.

3.  Telesales Marketing

It is never anything useful and they always phone when you are about to have your dinner. Some of them come over rather agressively because you don't have the time to answer their questions. Why should I give you any of my time if you are getting paid for your own time and I am not.

4. Talking Loud at the Cinemas

It ruins the film for everyone else. You don't have to comment about a scene you've just seen. Leave the talking till when the movie is over or when you are watching it on DVD. Don't think whispering is any better.

5. Moths

They make holes in my clothes and creep me out. How can anything feed on textile. They probably like the taste of my sweaty clothes. The thought of that alone is disgusting.

6. Better than Everyone

People who think they are better than everyone else because we are all equal. Most of those who are like that are often people with low self esteem. They feel they are better because of their constant internal struggle. They are really annoying and that is putting it nicely.

 7.  Bullies

Because they don't realise how much damage they can do. Bullies never pick on someone of the same size. That just shows how weak the are. The problem is that it is not restricted to schools. Every aspect of life seems to have an idiot who gets a kick from putting down others.

 8. Swearing in front of children

I can't stand people swearing in front of their kids because I don't think it sends the right message. These same parents are surprised because their children now use the same swear words when talking to them. That is just one of the worst examples of bad parenting. Some parents should be put up for sale on eBay. It will be difficult finding a buyer.

9. Horror Movies

I can't stand watching scary films, because they give me nightmares. I like the  thrill but then I find it difficult to get a good night sleep. It is one of those annoying things you know you shouldn't watch but you can't seem to pull yourself away.

10. Traffic Jam

I can't stand being stuck in a traffic jam because it feels like time is standing still. I hate it when some idiot in the other car try to make eye contact with me. There are others who think that blasting their horns will immediately clear the congestion.

11. Drop Litter

I can't stand people who drop litter because it spoils the environment. The worst are those who stand next to a bin and drop their litter on the floor just beside it. As if the bin man doesn't have enough work to do. Sure you pay your taxes but it doesn't cover mental retardation.

12. Cycle Lanes

I can't stand cyclists who don't use the cycle lane because it's more of an effort to overtake them. At times you want to push them over so that they can learn how to ride and use the cycle lane. There are cyclist who think they are going so fast that they can ride in front of your car. That is just stupid.

13. Harry Potter

Adults who read the Harry Potter novels because they think they've still got it can be annoying. Most adults will say they bought the Harry Potter novels for their children. That is of course a big fat lie.

14. Sneeze or Cough

I can't stand people who sneeze or cough without covering their mouths because it spreads germs. At times they say, oh! I am ill. You are ill but that is not an excuse to spread your disease. If you are dying, we don't really care to join you.

15.  Promotion

I can't stand people who are promoted beyond their level of ability because I seem to have spent most of my career working for them. Maybe I need to be less competent to get ahead. It is annoying when they make mistakes and blame you for it or take credit for your hard work.

16. Dreaming

It is annoying dreaming that I've woken up and got dressed and then waking up and having to do it all again.  

17. Mexican Wave

I can't stand people who participate in a Mexican wave because for some reason I never seem to get on with them. I am probably useless at it that I tend to stand up and wave at the wrong time. There are times you don't feel like participating. Others look at you as if you are trying to ruin the party.

18. Bad Jokes

It is annoying dealing with people who laugh at their own jokes because they're usually not funny. They often think you are laughing at their jokes when you are in fact laughing at them for being so silly. The most irritating part is when they start to laugh even before telling the joke.

19. Muspelt Words

I can't stand looking at misspelt words on a whiteboard because I have an uncontrollable urge to correct them. The same goes for errurs in fuud menus.

20. Overly Competitive People

I can't stand being in the company of overly competitive people because life's too short. What's the point of trying to be number one when the glory doesn't last that long. A little bit of competition isn't bad but it isn't everything.

21. Butter Beans

I can't stand butter beans because they have a horrible texture and no flavour. If you want to impress your friends and show them that you can cook, serve them butter beans and see what they think. There will be very few of them asking for more. It is annoying when you are invited to dinner and everything on the menu is what you really hate and you have to pretend you are having a good time.

22. Hairdresser Cutting too Much

I can't stand going to the hairdresser because it hurts my neck when they wash my hair. I hate it when I ask for a trim and the hairdresser cuts my hair leaving me with almost nothing. Why is it that hairdressers are always trigger happy and often deaf?

23. Claiming State Benefits

I can't stand people who have children simply to claim benefits because it is not fair on tax payers. That is probably a good move now but what will you do if you lose your benefit. I blame the state for making it easier for people on benefits than for those who strive to get a job. Some people deserve the help but many don't

24. Job Interviews

Job interviews are annoying because they make me extremely nervous. They also ask the same stupid questions like why do you want this job? Guess what, I was bored so I thought I should apply. 

25. Weather in England

I can't stand the weather in England because it is always grey and miserable. The weather forecast is always the same and the good weather comes around when you have to work but when the bank holidays come around, you can expect rain and clouds.

26. Arrogance

I can't stand arrogance because it is the basest of traits, a conjecture with not even the faintest whiff of proof, with the sole purpose of alienating everyone else.

27. Killing the English Language

I can't stand ppl who tlk in txtspk 4 no gd rsn because the English language is a beautiful thing, full of rich mystery. To waste it is a sin and as the good book says, sinners will go to ...

28. Stereotype

I can't stand people who stereotype because everyone is a unique combination of feeling and upbringing, and should be treated with respect. Some stereotypes can be advantageous but generally, it is negative.

29. Religion and Crime

It is annoying when people use religion as en excuse for crimes, because a religion is a personal thing, differing for one to the next. To use it to excuse your criminality is like blaming it on your hair color.

30. US Visa System

I can't stand the US visa system because they take all of your money, all of your details, with no guarantee you will get a thing out of it, then pen you like cattle in the dreariest room ever, and then deny you anything to entertain yourself with. I REALLY do not like the US visa process. That said, the same thing can be said of most countries. Maybe it has to do with the same idiots who work for the state.

31. London Life

Life in London can be annoying because it is a soulless metropolitan crush, where everyone rushes past with no time for anyone else. It seems to squeeze the fun out of everyone. Living outside of any big city has its pecks but things are not always perfect either. It's a case of can't live with or without you.

31. Perfume Adverts

I can't stand perfume adverts because they tell you nothing about what they are selling, only a life style they say will go with it. Pro tip: it won't. You'll just smell nicer.

32. Donald Trump

I can't stand Donald trump because he is an orange faced loser who has managed through his own ineptitude to loose more money than most people will earn in their life time. It is annoying that he is admired but he sure does have charisma.

33. Mushrooms

I can't stand mushrooms because of the weird texture. There is also the danger of killing yourself if you eat wild mushrooms. Why do some restaurants feel they have to charge you a fortune for something that doesn't even taste good. It is annoying when you are made to feel ignorant because you don't understand the joys of fine cuisine.

34. Racism

Racism is annoying because the colour of a persons skin is nothing to do with the person. At times some things are predictable but a lot of losers like to blame others for their own failures.

35. Eating Meat

Eating meat is annoying because there is no reason to kill to eat. If a bull is trying to kill me, I will kill and barbecue it's sorry behind. Killing an animal is sad to watch but when it is grilled, is stops being that annoying.

36. Cheap Coffee

I can't stand cheap coffee granules because they taste like gravy. That is what you get for being cheap but sometimes, my budget is so low that I buy gravy and add sugar calling it coffee.

37. Scratched CDs

I can't stand scratched CDs because I can't afford to replace them. It is annoying that the scratched part of the CD has the song you love the most. Some must be playing tricks.

38. Zucchini

 Zucchini is annoying because of the texture. If you don't know what a zucchini is, you need to think about courgette. If you don't know what a courgette is, you are obviously a meat eater.

39. BBC Website

I can't stand the BBC website because I can never find what i'm looking for.  There is too much information that you end up reading what you don't want because what you want is nowhere to be found.

40. Ewoks

I can't stand ewoks because they just ruined the whole thing. That is not a plausible reason for some but that is the way I feel about it. If you don't know what they are you are on the right path.