Every year that passes, we get a little older and the only thing that stays with us are the memories. Turning forty is unlike any other birthday in a person's life. Turning forty is a very sensitive point in a person's life as people are super sensitive to being now labeled "over the hill." Since the human beings average life expectancy is eighty years, math tells you that after turning forty, you are on the downslope of life. This day should be a celebration for not just the birthday person, but all friends and family involved. This is a day that should become a memory for life. Much as the bachelorette says goodbye to single life through marriage, the new forty year old says goodbye to youth. It is important that this day become a lasting memory.

Happy 40th (32151)

Today, a toast to the guest of honor is mandatory. Someone special to them should present it and use a lot of humor. It doesn't have to have a blueprint or be well thought out even. Usually, the most interesting toasts are done without much thought and by someone close to the birthday person that gets caught up in the emotion of the event. Normally, this is a close friend or relative that recognizes the significance of the night. Humor is always the best medicine.

Plan on spending a good portion of your money on 40th birthday gifts. If planning on a budget, the normal birthday party theme will be just fine. Get some decorative balloons shaped like the number forty. A traditional birthday cake will also be just fine. you don't need to focus much on decorations when on a tight budget. The most important thing is that everyone attending has the time of their lives.

Happy 40th (32150)

If your budget is not so strict, you can afford to really improve the atmosphere of the party by spending a little more on the decorative aspects. Even get really crazy with a themed party. This will cost more but will make it even more memorable. As long as the theme fits the tastes of the birthday person. The casino theme is popular for these kinds of parties. James Bond and the Beatles are also great choices. Disco is of course one of the most popular party themes of all-time. Another good idea is to hold a roast which in most cases ends up being one of the most unforgettable nights that anyone has ever seen, as long as no one holds anything back and no feelings are spared.

Happy 40th

Whatever the theme of the party, the most important thing is to make sure that all of the people closest to the birthday person are there and having a hell of a time. The more effort that is put into planning the party, the more fun it will be.