First of all, let me start by saying, you are not an 80's kid if you simply born in 1980. A lot of people think that. You were too young to remember what was going on in 1983. You had to be born in the 70's.

nice perm

If we have to get technical, we could say some people would have only experienced life as a kid in the 80's and others as a teenager, depending on when you were born. Some of these cool trends started in the late 80's and moved onto the next decade, so you could also call yourself a 90's kid as well.

credit: Lisa Williams

How Do You Know You Were an 80's Kid

  1. You remember who you went to see E.T with. You also remember doing that famous finger sign way after watching the movie, and buying the doll as well.E.T Photo credit: Juancho20002000 via Wikimedia Commons
  2. How about those crazy telephones that you could see through? Fisher Price brought out a nice one for the kids that they could drag along with them.
  3. Everyone had a cabbage patch doll. You even had tea parties for them and everyone bought their little crazy doll along. This was serious stuff!
  4. Banana clips were great, especially for the cool people who claimed that their perm was all natural.
  5. You loved posters of Ricky Schroeder, Kirk Cameron, and later possibly came Corey Haim and maybe Corey Feldman.
  6. You were the in thing if you came along with your jelly shoes and your stone washed jeans.
  7. Don't forget about those neon colored jelly bracelets as well.
  8. You watched Back to the Future over and over again. You also watched all the brat pack movies. You got the idea from Tom Cruise, that wearing your shades indoors was the way to go.
  9. You loved your rollerskates, and often you had rollerskating parties. The ones with the three stripes down the side of the booth were the ultimate.
  10. Madonna had a great fashion sense with her clashing colors, along with stripes and the best hairstyle to go with it. Just about every week her hairstyle changed, so you had to keep up with this.

Smurfs were loved by kids in the 80's


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  1. You never missed an episolde of the Cosby show.
  2. Scrunchies were awesome, and even better if you had a ponytail on the one side.
  3. Every time mom was going to the video store, you would get the care bears. Otherwise, you would watch Gumby on the telly.
  4. Arcade games were great. Of coure, when your coin got lost  in the machine, you would really throw a tantrum.
  5. Stationery is always a big thing in every generation. Here, Hello Kitty pencil cases were always popular.
  6. Your parents were crazy about Dallas and you had to go to bed before J.R came on the scene - if you were still a youngster.
  7. You practiced doing the moonwalk. If you were really obsessed with this, then you only had one glove!
  8. Your bike had to be adorned with some sort of accessory. It may have been a playing card in the spokes of the wheel or streamers hanging off the handlebars.
  9. How many smurfs did you have? Did you have the smurf house? Did you have the smurfette?
  10. You like saying NOT after every sentence, and you have to try and stop yourself from going that route these days.
  1. You had a mullet or you looked like Bon Jovi - now that was cool.
  2. On a nice day, mom and dad brought the slip and slide out. All the neighbors came around, this became dangerous at times, with a couple of injuries cropping up.
  3. You knew how to dance like MC Hammer.
  4. You always said "Don't worry, Be happy!"
  5. Doogie Howser was so RAD.
  6. Mom let you choose a new plastic lunch box to take to school every year. Some of these had your favorite cartoon characters on them.
  7. You know how to make friendship bracelets.
  8. You loved talking about aliens - Alf was always a popular one.
  9. Garbage Pail Kids came up when you decided to move on from the cabbage patch.
  10. You can still remember the words of "We are the World"

80's kids not happy Granny took them to the circus!

credit: Lisa Williams

kids fashion
  1. LA Gear shoes with bright laces, and don't forget about the socks to make sure everyone knows you are there.
  2. What was your favorite Nintendo game?
  3. Everyone had a big, bright stero. The bigger the better - with nice visible buttons as well.
  4. Dinner table conversation often revolved around whether Beta or VHS was the better way to go.
  5. Pegged jeans had to be done just right.
  6. Do you remember the Berlin wall coming down?
  7. You would always look for your favorite cereal so you could get the little toy or sticker inside.
  8. The scratch 'n sniff sticker - which is your favorite one?
  9. One thing an 80's kid does not miss is the dot matrix printer. Parents used to give the paper to kids to doodle on - great recycling, mom!
  10. Candy cigarettes - I'm sure you remember those really well - what were they thinking!

candy cigarettes - and nobody seemed to notice!


  1. Did you keep your puffy stickers in your sticker book? How about the ones that glowed in the dark? Swapping these was always a big decision to make.
  2. The Popples were as cute as pie!
  3. "Wax on- Wax - off" After this, everyone started doing karate moves.
  4. Michael Jackson Beat It, George Michael had Faith and Bruce Springsteen was Born in the USA.
  5. Do you remember making mixed casettes. If it starts to sound dodgy, just get a pencil and move the tape along.