What Pictures Brides Want

Bride and Groom(77433)Credit: linnealiz photography ReceptionCredit: linnealiz photography

There are many lists with best wedding pictures to take out there. If you just take a glimpse at theknot.com you’ll find many articles on what pictures brides want and what pictures they won’t notice you didn’t capture. I was really particular when choosing my photographers for my wedding in July 2010 and met with them beforehand to discuss which wedding pictures to take and which ones weren’t a priority. Once I received my pictures I was overjoyed with the shots that I received and was happy that I had made a list beforehand with the “must have” shots. As wedding photography takes a new turn towards photo documentation and less formal photography, make sure to communicate with your clients before their big day and include the following must-have shots:

1. Bride Getting Ready The current trend in wedding photography is to capture the unique, small details. Make sure to get photos of the bride getting ready: whether putting on her shoes or getting her hair done at a salon. Also make sure to capture the bridesmaids and family members.

2. Bride With Mom Before Wedding The moment before walking down the aisle is a special one for the mother and bride. Get a shot of the mother and the bride sharing a moment or praying together. This also can go for a bride's moments with her father before beginning to walk the aisle.

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3. Bride Putting On Dress Don't forget to get a photograph of the bride putting on her dress with the help of family and friends. It may also be important to the bride for you to get a picture of the dress before she puts it on.

4. Bride and Groom Together "Not seeing one another" Many brides are still superstitious about seeing the groom before the ceremony. Get an extra-special shot of the bride and groom holding hands with a door separating them or of one behind the other without coming face to face. The emotion and anticipation in the faces will make this picture a keepsake for years to come.

5. Groom Putting on Cuff Links Many brides give their grooms cuff links as wedding gifts. Grooms also enjoy wearing non-traditional cuff links such as those made out of Legos or computer keys. Make sure to get a photograph of this unique part of the groom getting ready.

6.Dress(77440)Credit: linnealiz photography Bride Getting Makeup Done

7. Bride and Groom Sharing Letters Before Ceremony If the couple are exchanging gifts or letters before the ceremony while getting ready make sure to get a photograph of them reading/opening them. If you are the only photographer, ask them to take turns so that you can get a great shot of both!

8. Brides Accessories All brides want to be unique on their day and a way they do that is through their accessories. Whether they choose green shoes, red garters or special hand-me-down lockets, make sure to get photographs of the small details and lots of them. Some of my very favorite pictures from my wedding are of a jewelry box my mother gave me for my high school graduation that held my earrings, bracelets, and rings.

9. Groom's Accessories

10. Bride with Bridesmaids and Flower Girl

11. Groom with Groomsmen

12. Bride and Groom Portraits

13. Bride Portraits

14. Groom Portraits

15. Wedding Party

16. Silly/Non-traditional Portraits with Wedding Party Don't treat the portraits too formally. We're celebrating a wedding not a funeral! Embrace the silliness and have the group jump up and down, make faces and use props as they wish. You'll be surprised to find that some of the silly shots turn out to be the very best!

17. Wedding Party Walking to Destination Groups in motion can make for interesting photographs. Keep your eyes open and keep the camera clicking.

18. Ceremony Accessories (think Bible, rings, flowers, etc)

19. Bride Walking Down the AisleSilly Wedding PartyCredit: linnealiz photography

20. Groom Waiting for Bride

21. First Kiss

22. Exchanging of the rings

23. Vows

24. Any Entertainment If someone is performing during the wedding ceremony make sure to take pictures of it! Whether it's an aunt singing Butterfly Kisses or a poem being recited by Uncle Bob keep taking shots...the Bride and those involved with the ceremony will thank you!

25. Pastors/Official

26. Reception Hall

27. Table Decorations If you're anything like me and obsessed over the table decorations for months you will want a photo of it! Make sure to take detailed pictures of the artful centerpieces especially if they are handmade.

28. Food

29. MenuMenu(77436)Credit: linnealiz photography

30. Guests Visiting

31. Favors Again, focus on the details. Many brides spend nights without sleep tying the organza bags filled with m & m's and printing placement cards. Use a close-up lens and get quality pictures of their hard work. Chances are they won't take a favor home themselves or think to save one.

32. Wedding Program

33. Wedding Signs The new trend seems to be personalized signs. Whether banners, wood signs, or chair labels brides love their signs and use them as photo props. Make sure to get pictures if there are "Bride" and "Groom" signs on backs of chairs or signs directing traffic.

34. Guest Book

35. Family PortraitsProgramCredit: linnealiz photography

36. Signing of the Marriage Certificate

37. First Dance

38. Toasts

39. Father Daughter DanceWedding Cake(77435)Credit: linnealiz photography

40. Mother Son Dance

41. Cutting of the Cake

42. Eating of the Cake

43. Garter Toss It is also important to get a photograph of the person who caught the garter with the groom.

44. Bouquet Toss It is also important to get a photograph of the person who caught the bouquet with the bride.

45. Bride and Groom Exit

46. Bride and Groom Dancing Make sure to capture "fast dancing" photographs. If the bride and groom are busting a silly move get a photograph! Some of these are favored more than the traditional "slow dance" shots.ExitCredit: linnealiz photography

47. Get-a-way Car/Vehicle Rice, balloons, doves, or bubbles make sure to get a photograph of the happily married couple leaving and getting into their decorated vehicle.

Wow! That's a lot of wedding pictures to take. I can guarantee if you take the above pictures you'll have a happy bride. In conclusion make sure to talk with your bride beforehand and get a list of her must-have pictures. If she seems a little overwhelmed present her with a list and help her decide what she wants and can do without. Most likely you'll find yourself taking more than the shots suggested above and will be able to add to my list. Cheers and happy shooting.