Cheap Four Wheelers

The 49cc mini quad is something that looks like it's for tiny little kids, but it's really not. These are often quite fast, boasting speeds of 30 miles per hour. While atv enthusiasts may not believe this is really that fast, it is. When you are on the 49cc mini quads, you are literally inches from the ground. In addition, the suspension is not exactly stellar, at least on most of the models you will find. They are, however, a very cheap little four wheeler that you can often buy for under 600 dollars. In some cases, if you search hard enough, you will find them for half that price. What is the appeal of the little 49cc mini quad? Should I buy one for my kids? Are these little Chinese atv's really worth the money? Let's take a quick look at some of things to consider when you are looking to buy a 49cc mini quad.

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Who makes the 49cc mini quads?

Generally speaking, you have never heard of any of the companies that make these cheap little four wheelers. This doesn't mean they are bad. These little mini quads for sale are generally made in China. This means the labor cost is really low. While some may cringe at the thought of buying a Chinese atv, it really shouldn't shock you in the least. Take a look at the back of almost any product in your home or garage right now. Chances are, it was made in China. Solet's take a look at some of the manufacturers of the 49cc mini quad. Tell me if you have ever heard of them.

Tao Tao: I told you that you have never heard of them. Still, you can buy a 49cc mini quad from them for under 300 bucks. They are pretty cool looking.

Zehjiang Zili: Again, you've never heard of them, but they make a mean looking 49cc mini quad. It's a really nice looking little atv.

YongKang Fulaitai: Okay, this is the last one. I don't think anyone has ever heard of these guys either. I'm going to move on to some more pertinent information about 49cc mini quads.

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General sizes:

Okay, I'm going to use some averages here, since they will vary a little by manufacturer. These pocket atv's are about 35-40 inches long, 21-24 inches high, by 24-26 inches long. As you can see, these 49cc mini quads are really quite small. They are, however, made for adults.

Some of these little pocket atv's can carry a person up to 300 pounds. That's really quite impressive for a little four wheeler like this. Most of these units only weigh about 70 pounds, so they are made fairly sturdy. This means they are made with fairly decent materials.


Who are they made for?

These are not made for kids. These pocket atv's are made for adults only. Do not purchase one for your child. They are really fast, despite their small size. They are low to the ground and fairly narrow. They tip fairly easily, and take off really fast. This is a toy that's best for an adult. The 49cc mini quad is something you will have fun on, and your kids will get hurt on. Don't push it.


Where can I get one?

You will have a ton of options when you look to buy a 49cc mini quad. You will find the prices to be fairly consistent, with a few exceptions. Generally speaking, a simple internet search will yield a lot of results. These pocket atv's are quite popular, so many people sell them. There are plenty of other places to look for a new 49cc mini quad. Here are a few places to search.

eBay: You can search with the keywords 49cc mini quad or pocket atv. You will get a ton of results either way. Be sure to buy from a reputable seller, so you don't run into problems down the road. Keep in mind that many of the sellers don't have the items on hand. They are shipped directly from the manufacturer. Your 49cc mini quad can come from anywhere in the world.

Amazon: You will find some great bargains on 49cc mini quads at Amazon. There are several models to choose from. You will have a little fewer options than you will with eBay, but you are sure to find one to suit you.

Craigslist: You can buy the little 49cc mini quads, new or used, on Craigslist. You will find several sellers. This is a great place to look because you can buy locally.

Car and atv lots: Yes, even the car lots are selling these things. I've even heard of some giving them away with a vehicle purchase. Take a look and ask around, you just make find a neat little pocket atv at a great price locally. If you can find 49cc mini quads in your area, buy them.

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About the prices:

You will find that you can find many of these cheap four wheelers under 600 dollars. In some cases, you will pay less than 300. Some models, like the Brute, can go for up to 1000 bucks. It's really up to you. You can get a cheap 49cc mini quad, or you can get a more expensive one. There are, however, some things to take into account when it comes to pricing.

Shipping: Some of the 49cc mini quad sellers will sell you the little pocket atv for $299, but charge you $200 or more for shipping. As you can guess, this really impacts the price. For this reason, it really pays to compare the total cost of the pocket atv, and not just the listed unit price. When you shop around for a 49cc mini quad, it really pays to make an informed decision with your purchase. You hold all the cards.

Once again, I must tell you, do not buy one of these things for your kid! The 49cc mini quads are made for adults. This is why they can carry up to 300 pounds in many cases. Don't take the chance, even though the price makes them quite tempting.

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