I see clearing your acne as a trial-and-error process.  There are so many ways to fight it, so it is up to you to try each and everything you can until you find something that works for you.  I like to combat my acne in any way possible, which means changing my diet, getting the necessary vitamins, and keeping bacteria away from my face.  Here are 4 secret tips that I have used to get great results, not only for acne, but for general health as well.

1. Drink three to four liters of water a day

I’ve always heard that you should “drink more water”, but no one tells you exactly how much you should drink, and why it makes a difference.  Three to four liters is a lot of water, but not nearly enough to hurt you.  Water helps with acne because it is hydrates and moisturizes the skin on your body.  It also improves how your kidneys function, getting rid of the toxins that cause acne by flushing them out. Drinking three to four liters of water a day will make a noticeable difference in your skin. 

2. Cover your pillow with a fresh towel

You’ve heard how dirty and nasty a public telephone or your keyboard is, but imagine your pillow?  It is a potential host for sweat, dirt, and bacteria that cause give you zits and pimples.  Make sure to cover your pillow with a fresh towel every night.  It takes some time, but it is a small price to pay for reducing the amount of acne you get in the first place.

3. Take a zinc supplement

Zinc are a great way to help you from breaking out.  It is something that a lot of people lack in their diets and this lack of zinc can cause breakouts.  Make sure to take a zinc supplement to make sure that you are getting your daily zinc requirement, and your skin will improve as well.

4. Use baking soda

It may sound crazy, but baking soda works wonders!  Simply create a baking soda-water mix, apply it on your face, leave it on for about five minutes, and then wash it off with lukewarm water.  This will kill bacteria on your skin as well as lighten up your red marks and scarring.  However, only do this about once a week, as you could aggravate your acne if you use it every day (something I learned the hard way).

Follow these 4 acne fighting secrets to help you clear up your redness, zits, and pimples.