We all know that toys are awesome - we've known that since we were toddlers. The only problem, however, is that as we grow, we demand more and more awesomeness from our toys, to the point where we just stop playing all together.

Luckily, there are some toys out there that are so incredibly awesome (and dangerous) that they will remain fun forever. These awesome toys include:

The Seabreacher

Wouldn't  it be awesome to have a tiny, one-man submarine? And wouldn't it be even more awesome if that submarine could also be used as a speedboat? And wouldn't it be just incredibly super mega quadruple-awesome if that whole thing looked like a shark?

Why do I even ask - of course that would be awesome! Too bad nothing like that exists.

Oh wait, it totally does!

The Seabreacher is just that - a submarine/boat/water scooter that can be customized into looking like a shark (or a dolphin, but I can't for the life of me see why anyone would want that when they could have it look like a shark).

The latest model - Seabreacher X - has a top speed of a whopping 50 mph above water, and 25 mph below. It can dive several feet beneath the surface, and is also able to jump clear out of the water at high speeds. All combined, this may very well be the most awesome thing ever invented.

So whether you're in need of some more ridiculously badass things for your underwater super villain lair, or just want a cool toy to play around with during the summers, the Seabreacher is just what you need.

The Jetlev (Water Jetpack)

Now, everyone's heard about the awesome Jetpack, which is a fairly old invention. But despite a lot of scientific advancements, the Jetpack never became commercially available. Why?

Because it just didn't work properly, that's why. And that is also why the regular jetpack isn't on this list.

However, there is a recent adaptation of the Jetpack that does work: the Jetlev Water Jetpack.

Everyone loves playing in the water, and for those of us who also happen to love awesome stuff, it seems only natural to combine the two concepts. And the latest in Awesome-Water-Stuff development is the Jetlev - a water-powered jetpack which allows the user to fly, while spraying  two large jets of water behind him.

With the new Jetlev R200, anyone can enjoy flying at speeds of 25 mph, up to 30 feet in the air, for periods of 4 hours at a time. The Jetlev has one drawback however: since it depends on water to function, it has proven a bit difficult to operate on land. But that's a minor setback, considering the fact that it's still usable on about 70% of the planet's surface.

So once you've stopped drooling over this toy, you can go get your wallet and order one of these bad boys today.

If you're a frikkin millionaire that is - these things cost a whopping $100,000.  But that's cool - you could always just sell your first-born son or something to afford it, which seems like a reasonable enough trade, considering the shear awesomeness of this product.

The Snowkite

So you love snowboarding, but you're bored with just being able to go downhill? Wouldn't it be so much more awesome to go uphill as well? Too bad you can't. Man, screw gravity! It always has to be taking all the fun out of things..

But what if I told you there's a way of snowboarding not just downhill, but uphill and across flat surfaces as well, without using any form of dark magic? Because there totally is!

The awesome toy that allows you to do this called a Snowkite, which is basically a land-version of the sport Kite Surfing. Except for the fact that, instead of water, you zoom across frozen plains or up mountains.

The Snowkite is basically a small parachute that is held by the user like a kite, using the wind to gain incredible speeds, and even go airborne. Clearly, this is the greatest innovation for snowboarding since the invention of mountains!

Combining every bit of possible fun from kite surfing, snowboarding and flying a kite, this is the ultimate extreme toy for any winter sport enthusiast.  

The Wingsuit

It has always been every man's dream to fly. And today, most of us do so on a somewhat regular basis, since airplanes have become one of our main ways to travel. But all airplanes have done is make the idea of flying seem boring by making it nothing more than a means of travel. It has taken all the fun out of it!

True flying is freedom - not being stuck inside a cramped flying tube between a baby and a fat woman.

Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to fly on your own, speeding through the air with nothing but the clothes on your body? Thankfully, this is actually possible now.


Introducing: the Wingsuit.

A wingsuit is a kind of jumpsuit which has fabric stretching between the arms and the body, as well as between the legs. This all combines to increase the surface area of the body, which gives a great increase in lift power (anyone who's ever seen a flying squirrel in a cartoon gets the idea).

With the suit on, people can jump from high cliffs (or buildings) and soar through the air for hours, using wind currents to stay afloat.

And the best part? Wingsuits are commercially available to anyone brave (or stupid) enough to want it. Just think - for about $2000, you could enjoy the ultimate freedom of flying!