4 Banned iPhone Apps


Upon entering Apple's app store, one begins to reminisce of the days when you could pass through the feel good comedy isle at a local Blockbuster store.  From Angry Birds to Fruit Ninja, and Words with Friends to something called Jelly Lander, Apple's entire app store shelf conjures up two main emotions, laughter and happiness.  But we all know that with the sweet there must also come the bitter, with light there must also come darkness.  However, in the land of Apple, some careful policing is going on to prevent that universal law from playing itself out.  So if you're an app, take warning, because if you don't, you'll either find yourself dead or in a world where only Androids and jailbroken iPhones dare tread.  Here are 4 Banned iPhones Apps that serve as a small sampling for those that didn't heed this word of caution.


Smuggle Truck

Developed by a Boston-based tech company, the game called "Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration, allows users to drive a truck filled with immigrants through the desert and across the U.S.-Mexican border.  Scores are calculated based on the number of immigrants who successfully make it across the border without having fallen out during the operation.  The original version still exist for PC users, but for IOS users it's been pruned down to simply "Smuggle Truck", where cute animals are in need of secret transport.


Obama Trampoline

This rejected iPhone app developed by Swamiware, known as Obama Trampoline, allowed users to select U.S. politicians, both republicans and democrats, in order to have them jump on a trampoline either to pop balloons with their heads or do acrobatic tricks.  Users could also choose a desired background such as the Oval Office or the White House.  The original version now seizes to exist.


Phone Story

Phone Story is an app composed of four mini games encompassing everything, to an exaggerated extent, that it takes to manufacture a smartphone from start to finish.  The game deals with children being forced at gun point to mine coltan, outsourced labor to suicidal plant workers in China, e-waste in Pakistan and ultimately consumerism of the finished product in the West.  The game still exist for Android phones and jailbroken iPhones.


Free Fall High Score 

Created by The Eyebeam Team and The Creators Project, Free Fall High Score is an app with the possibility of deadly consequences, at least for the phone.  The basic principle of the game is just as it sounds, dropping something from a height, the higher the better, recording it and then via free fall time a score is calculated.  That something by the way is your phone.  Being that Apple frowns upon the destruction of their precious iPhone, this app can only be found for Androids and blackhat iPhone users.

If you know of any other apps that were proverbably "kicked out of the house before their 18th birthday", please list them in the comments section below.  There's quite a few out there serving as neighbors to the 4 Banned iPhone Apps highlighted in this article.