What Is Visualization?

Visualization(also known as guided imagery) is a meditation that goes beyond imagination. Your dreams are examples of it and they represent your hopes and desires. They allow you to express your thoughts and feelings that you may be afraid to share with people. Visualization is one of the most important of the five senses. It is important in your mental well-being. It helps you to maintain a positive outlook on life. Visualization is important for your personal development. It helps you have more confidence in achieving your career goals. If you have negative thoughts, it helps you to change your way of thinking. Visualization is a motivational tool and many successful people use it. You can benefit from it in the following four ways:

Visualization Promotes Good Health

Visualization promotes good health because it helps motivate people to take better care of themselves. For example, if you want to be a healthy person, you have to first see yourself as one. Picture yourself walking around with a lot of energy. Imagine having a slim waistline or six-pack abs. Think about how good you would feel being able to fit in a new pair of jeans. Look in a health magazine and imagine yourself being one of those people. Visualize how happy and proud your family and friends would be of you. When you practice visualization, do it in a quiet place. Morning is the best time of day to do because you can plant a positive seed to begin your day. Doing it before you go to bed is also a good time, because you put these images in your subconscious mind. According to one study, it can help you lose weight and burn up to 25% in calories. The best part of this is that it is free! It goes a long way toward better health.

Visualization Promotes Saving Money

Visualization helps people save money because they can see themselves purchasing something that they really want. For example, you may see a nice car that catches your eye and you imagine yourself driving it. You begin to visualize showing it off to your family and friends. You start saving money from every paycheck until you have enough to buy it. Picture yourself driving it off the lot and being proud of your accomplishment. Or maybe you see a nice home that grabs your attention and you see it as your "American Dream." You can see yourself in this spacious home enjoying your children. The front yard is beautiful and the grass is well kept. You can visualize a beautiful garden of fruits and vegetables. Every spare dollar that you can save goes toward it and one day, you become a homeowner. What a great feeling! If you can visualize something, then you can do it!

Visualization Promotes Career Advancement

If you stuck in a job or career that you hate, visualization can help you see a better one. You begin to think about what you love to do and what you want to accomplish. You imagine yourself going to a job that you enjoy. You can visualize yourself smiling. One day, your boss gives you a promotion and a raise. Visualization can improve your self-confidence and help you see yourself in the perfect job. It can help you evaluate where you want to be and how you can get there. Always be honest about how you feel because it will determine whether or not you succeed. Do not lie to yourself because there is nothing to be gained by doing so. If you visualize success for yourself, then you are more likely to achieve it.

Visualization Promotes Sports Achievement

Most great amateur and professional athletes use some form of visualization. It helps them gain an edge on their competition. The idea is that if you can anticipate what your opponent is going to do, then you will have a better chance of succeeding against them. For example, if you are a quarterback in football, you may visualize the way a defensive back may cover one of your receivers. Depending on what he does, you may throw the ball a second earlier than usual to complete the pass. One of the keys to the championship dynasty of the NBA Chicago Bulls of the 1990's was visualization. When Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson took over the Bulls, he incorporated it as a part of the team's practice routine. He wanted his players to always be aware of what was going on the court at all times. He always wanted them to connect with themselves almost effortlessly on the court. Buddhists call this mindfulness. Arguably the greatest NBA player ever, Michael Jordan, regularly used visualization. Major Leauge Baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron often used it to prepare himself for the pitcher that he had to face. He would visualize what pitch he might throw and where. Many times he would hit a home run by hitting a pitch that many hitters would miss. According to one famous sports study, Olympic athletes that use visualization 75% of the time perform better than other athletes. They discovered that these great athletes were practically even when it came to natural talent. Most of the time, visualization was the difference between winning and losing. Visualization works for them and their success proves it.

Visualization is an important resource you should consider using for your personal and professional development. It does not cost you anything. All it takes is a little time every day. If you use it regularly, it will bopst your self-confidence, and you will prosper more. Visualization promotes good health and motivates you to save money. It helps you advance in your career and promotes athletic achievement. If you do these four things, you will benefit tremendously, both personally and professionally.

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