I'm sure you have heard the term green living before. Green living is living in a way that cause as little or no harm to the planet as possible. The truth of the matter is that in today's age very few people live this type of lifestyle, nor understand the importance of adopting this type of lifestyle going forward. Many people have a perception that green living is the equivalent of becoming a hippie, or living without most of the modern conveniences that we have become used to, but this simply is not that case. When it comes to saving the environment, it is critical that green living becomes the new standard.

For those that adopt a green living lifestyle there are many positive benefits which are outlined below:

Environmental Benefits

If everyone was to adopt green living practices, there would not be as much carbon in the atmosphere. This creates a chain reaction; eco-conscious politicians get elected, and companies are forced to meet consumer demand with green products and by developing green technologies. The more people living green, the more socially unacceptable it becomes to be wasteful.

Health Benefits

Green living means less plastics and toxic chemicals. Just have a look at the chemicals that you currently use to clean your house or workplace. Typically prolonged exposure to these chemicals is not healthy. There have been recent studies that suggest that drinking out plastic bottles could have negative long term health effects. Taking these risky substances out of your living space can't be bad for you.

Financial Benefits

Purchasing or renovating with different green technologies can save you money over time. In both the US and Canada there are many different tax benefits available for purchasing green technology, or for doing green renovations on your home. For example, when purchasing an eco-friendly vehicle in many cases would receive money back from the government. If you were to reduce the amount of energy you use in your home, you end up saving money every month. If you took the money you save on your utility bills and invest that money in green technology it could have a compounding effect for you.

And finally…Good Karma

The beauty of green living is that even without the environmental benefits, the other benefits make this type of lifestyle very worthwhile. For those who are looking to start the green living lifestyle, there are a ton of green tips on the internet. Going green for someone doesn't happen overnight, but over time building good green living habits has many benefits.