There are many reasons why I love Paris. Granted, some aspects don't live up to my expectations, but I can be found guilty of believing the clichés about French style and how amazing their food is. 

On a recent trip to Paris, I was in food paradise. I visited 4 markets and I was definitely in awe of them all. 

The cliché that French women exude class and style even when they're dressed scruffy is similar to my findings that Parisians can throw together a market and make a cluster of furniture, books and collectibles look undeniably chic and elegant. I suspect this is where the shabby chic trend came from. 

Here are my favorite Parisian Markets. 

1) Rue Cler, Sunday Flea Market

Firstly, Rue Cler is my idea of food paradise. It houses the most fantastic speciality food stores, patisseries, flower shops, delis, and cheese specialists. We went on a Sunday where the shops were surprisingly open. We were thrilled to find a historical flea market there that day. We rummaged for hours through antique furniture, memorabilia from the World Wars, antique crystal glassware, books and collectibles. 

2) Ile de la Cite Flower Market

I learned that this flower market has existed since 1830. It stands proud today on Place Louis Lepine between the Notre-Dame and Sainte-Chapelle and it permeates historical charm.  This market showcases an array of flowers, exotic plants, and it’s also great place to walk before sitting and enjoying a crepe in one of the many nearby cafes. They are open Monday – Saturday from 8am-7.30pm.

3) The Book Sellers along the River Seine

Open every day, from sunrise to sunset, these booksellers have earned the right to be named iconic symbols. There are roughly 200 of them spread all along the river. It is such a pleasant walk. The books are mainly fashion, history and cinema related. 

4) Bastille Food Market

This market is one of the largest in Paris and is located on Boulevard Richard Lenoir. You will be sure to find local cheese, meats, fish, and produce. It’s open on Thursdays from 7am – 2.30pm and Sunday’s from 7am – 3pm. You can expect the vendors to be friendly, and the food displays to be fresh and colorful.