Break ups: we’ve all been there, and they can be really terrible to go through, considering the fact that you must forget about the person you’ve been close to for so long.  Here are 4 great tips for getting over your ex girlfriend.

1. Cut Off All Contact With Her

This is the first step to getting over an ex.  Delete her off of your phone, delete her off of your facebook, delete her off of your twitter, basically anything that allows you to get in contact with her and vice-versa, delete her.  You want to make sure that you have absolutely no way of getting in touch with her, because if you do, you could start to get your feelings back for her.  Also, make sure she can’t get in touch with you, because if she does, you might be tempted to reply.  Delete her off of everything you have her on.

2. Ger Rid Of The Memories You Associate With Her

Any single memory you have of this girl needs to go.  Text histories, facebook messages, gifts, clothing, songs that you associate with her, get rid of it!  You will be doing fine one day not thinking about her, and then suddenly one of these memories will come up, and you will be back to pouting about missing your ex.  Be safe, smart, and get rid of all the things you associate with your ex.  They have no place with you anymore now that you two have split.

3.  Use Your Time On A New Hobby

It is crucial that you keep your mind occupied after a break up, and what better way to do that than take up a new hobby?  Try hobbies that take up a lot of time and one where you can measure your progress, such as weightlifting or learning a programming language.  Learning something new will force you to think about the task at hand and not on your ex girlfriend.  Sitting around and doing nothing will lead you to thinking about your ex, which you want to avoid at all costs.

4.  Meet A New Girl!

This is the last step!  Make sure she’s not just a rebound (although that could work in some cases), and she is a girl that you are actually interested in.  If she’s a girl you are actually interested in, she will fill the space in your mind that your ex girlfriend used to occupy, and you could literally forget about your ex all together with a better girl.

Getting over your ex is tough, especially if it was a long relationship.  It has almost the same effect on your brain as recovering from an addiction to a drug.  Stick to these 4 tips and you will definitely get over your break up.

Remember, time heals everything!