With the busy schedules of working individuals, it is not a bad idea to at least unwind once in a week. The main reason here is just to release tension after a long week of toil. After all there is always tomorrow if you can't finish your task today. Avoid stressing your mind and body to the point of draining all your strength. You aren't a superhero; thus, do not consider everything as your sole responsibility. If you want to keep sanity, always give yourself a favor by taking a break.

One of the most common destinations after work is the bar. The lively music keeps everybody alive and kicking. Apart from it, the multi-colored lights can fuel up tired and sleepy eyes through its endless flicker. Below is a list of most visited bars in cebu.

  • Asle Cebu

Although new in the industry, the amenities and services certainly are competitive enough to stand the pace. Nothing beats the warm welcome of the staffs to its guests. Its location is an added advantage one must never miss out. Since it is strategically located, party goers have nothing to worry about when it comes to accessibility. You can always get a ride even in the middle of the night or at the break of dawn.

  • Gilligan's Island

If you want to enjoy at the same time relax in a terrace-like ambiance, this place is for you. The mood is so invigorating especially when you start listening to the pleasant music. Live bands certainly offer its guests the kind of vibe to soothe exhaustion.

  • Yo.U Resto Bar

A good way to enjoy cool ambiance and delectable food in one place is to hang out in a One Mango Place. It is where you'll get to see and experience live bands of true value.

  • Sunflower City

If you like to chill out with people from all walks of life, the answer is Sunflower City. You get to experience elbow to elbow encounter with various people including foreigners particularly Koreans. Boundless dancing even on stage is very much allowable as long as fun is your main intention.

For more information on cebu bar, you may want check out their respective sites for further details.