Chalk Drawings
Credit: Amy Spencer

One of the best ways to spend time with kids and release their inner creativity is by drawing with chalk. In this post, we will talk about 4 great ideas that you can use that are fun and easy to do.

Sidewalk Simon

For this game, kids draw a "simon" circle with colors, much like the famous 1980's electronic memory game. The parent  or adult calls out colors and the kids jump to each color and then back to the center. You can start out by calling out one color and then add colors for each round as the game goes on. The goal is for the children to remember the sequence you call out and jump back and forth from the center to the colors.

Obstacle Course

For this game, you write out on the ground the actions that the kids will carry out. You can write things like "twirl 2 times," "jump 1 time," etc. and continue. You can add as many actions as you would like. A great variation to this game is dividing up the group into teams and using a relay format. Another way is to time everyone to see who finishes the fastest. As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless!

Backyard Treasure Hunt

This is a very creative way to discover the outdoors with kids. For this game, you write out items that the kids need to find and they will place them inside circles drawn with chalk. For example, you can write "find 2 green leaves" and then the kids find them and put the leaves inside the circle. Other items to find can be twigs, flowers, or even bugs!

Painting with Chalk and Water

In this activity, you will use black construction paper. The kids wet their paper with either a brush or a sponge creating a smooth surface. After the paper is moistened, they can draw with chalk to their heart's content. The fun part is the texture and colors that come come out because of the chalk and water mixture. Once the paper dries out, the drawing will be unique and memorable.

Playing with chalk is truly creative way to engage the imagination. There are literally dozens and dozens of ideas that will provide hours of fun and learning for the kids and adults as well!