You may not realize it, but the military also uses many consumer tech devices that you’re used to in daily life as integral parts of their program.  Many items in use by consumers today were developed first by the military, but some products take the opposite track to military exposure. With the vast advancements in technology in all sectors, some consumer products are finding their way into military use after consumers have put them to good use.  Here’s a list of consumer items that are being used by the military right now. 

1. Video Games

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Image via Flickr by the GameWay

Video games have found a new life as part of the military. If you’re a fan of war games, the military may just use the very same games for their own purposes. Devices like the Xbox are common in recruiting processes, and the military uses many video games for training purposes. 

2. Smartphones

Smartphones have become ubiquitous in all areas of our lives. The military, of course, is no exception. Soldiers use smartphones as tools for translation and to view intelligence information. The phones are also great to check local weather conditions — and implement them into strategy.  

BlackBerry smartphones, many of which are running the new BB10 OS, have historically been the primary mobile devices receiving Pentagon clearance. The military has also approved the Playbook tablets for use on the secure network.  With technology increasing every day, smartphones are sure to have a lasting impact on the military. 

3. Mobile Apps

Likewise, mobile apps play a huge role in military preparation, training, and even ongoing care. They’re a large part of all facets of military life. Mobile apps made their mark early on, playing a big role in recruitment. With various apps, potential recruits learn about equipment, ranks, and uniforms, and follow along with military news.

Mobile apps also guide training. There are apps specifically for physical training, demonstrating proper form for exercising, and guiding pre and post-workout routines. These apps are especially useful for tracking progress over time. Finally, the military leans on apps more and more for ongoing care, especially for supporting personnel with PTSD. 

4. Broadband

These days, it’s hard to imagine a world without instant access to wireless internet, no matter where you are.  For troops in remote areas of the world, this isn’t really possible. However, new broadband technology is keeping on-the-go troops connected no matter where they are stationed.

In the past, the military could only set up Internet services once troops stopped moving. With new broadband technology, moving convoys of troops can stay connected. The technology is flexible enough to account for all variables. The military’s system uses both satellite wireless and terrestrial line-of-sight wireless communications.

Many devices you generally only consider as part of the consumer market are having a greater and wider impact on the military every day. With the military using everything from video games to smartphones and mobile apps to broadband — to do everything from recruiting to training to supporting soldiers — common devices are having a serious impact on military life.  Do you think the military should adopt any other devices you use on a daily basis?